Interview with Juliette Moore – Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator


Juliette Moore approximately worked in Industrial/Construction for 12 years.

Cranesy: Would you recommend other women to undertake this career?
Juliette Moore: Definitely. Although there is physical work involved at times, while setting up and demobbing a crane, the majority of the time you are in the cab of a crane working with/alongside other trades to complete tasks. Personality goes a long way when dealing with numerous behaviours on a jobsite.

C.: What you love about work with cranes?
J.M.: Every day brings a new adventure and new people.

C.: It’s usually to say that construction sector is male dominated industry…do women have to work harder to gain credibility in this sector?
J.M.: Not at all, they are expected to do the same work as other crane Operators. Where I have seen credibility/respect diminish in the business, not just the crane business, women have expected the men to all the heavy or hard work. When it is -30 in the winter, it should not be expected only the men will go work in the elements to set up or demob a crane. Equality is respected, when as women, we expect to be treated no different than our male coworkers. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of female crane Operators, who take their job very serious and will speak up if they are left out of any aspect for a day’s work. Management and Supervisors are always there to assist/mentor Operators but as a rule you work independently. When you take initiative.. the end results are amazing.

C.: The best way to achieve a work-life balance?
J.M.: Never lose the the thought: I am in control of my own destiny. I do not believe the industry changes us, we make our own choices by having strength enough to say enough is enough. The industry is not your Monday to Friday. Home every night with friends and family as the industry usually is not in one’s backyard. Choices have to be made, knowing the possibility of having to work away from home is a good possibility. A couple of female Operators I have had the opportunity to work with have raised a child or children while working out of town and having family or a nanny to care for the children while they are away.

C.: Aside a work, how do you spend your spare time?
J.M.: Aside from work, I spend my time with family and friends. I continue to advance my skills and knowledge through Continuing Education.

C.: Best lesson you’ve learned along your career?
J.M.: Do not get caught up in the politics or drama that surrounds every aspect of the industry. Be confident, take initiative, be open-minded and last but not least.. have patience. At times we expect things to be changed, fixed immediately but there is a protocol to follow, have respect for others opinion to make those changes.

C.: Your “receipe” to stay positive?
J.M.: My recipe to stay positive? Just be me! (joking)

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