Interview with Liliana Vaniglia Pacella, CEO of LVP CRANES Spain


Cranesy: According your opinion, why it’s rare that women represent CEO positions in Crane Sector?
Liliana Vaniglia Pacella: Personally, I think the crane and machinery sector has always been a world for men only, and women were not ready to take the risk trying to gain experience, skills and motivate themselves to think : “Yes, we can”. Apart from that fact, for years women were not considered capable for many kind of jobs like CEO in the crane sector or even manage their own companies.

Cranesy: Why the decision about career in crane sector was a good choice for you?
Liliana Vaniglia Pacella: As a matter of fact, it was not my own decision. My husband, with more than 40 years in the machinery L. business ” threw” me to the crane sector! He always trusted in my skills and politeness at the time to deal with everybody and also the fact that I speak English apart from Spanish (my native language). While living in Argentina during the 80′, my husband and I managed our company selling CATERPILLAR equipment and spare parts successfully, so we knew we could try to work together again in Spain and we started LVP CRANES SPAIN as crane brokers. We invited our youngest daughter to cooperate with us and trained her, so it is great for us to work as a good team. It is not always easy to find families who can work together in a nice relationship.

Cranesy: Who or what has introduced you in this sector? Was it difficult to start to work in the sector commonly called “Men Sector”?
Liliana Vaniglia Pacella: Who? My husband. What? In 2006, many English speaking people came to Spain from overseas to purchase used cranes and they needed someone who not only acted as an interpreter but could help them to find the suitable equipment, deal with the Spanish crane owners, help them in the inspection of the cranes and negotiate with the involved parties until reaching to a happy deal for everybody. And I was there to do the job, happy to know that I really could do it.

Cranesy: Please write tips list to young ladies who yearn for career in crane sector:
Liliana Vaniglia Pacella: According to my own experience, I suggest to learn about crane sector as much as possible, to read international specialized magazines, watch each crane with real interest during the inspections, ask questions to the crane operators, learn how to negotiate with crane owners and even choose the serious ones. Take care of the faithful customers, learn technical English vocabulary, do your best in each deal, be professional!

Cranesy: Who/ what inspired you or inspires you every day?
Liliana Vaniglia Pacella: God and my family inspire me everyday in all my plans and goals apart from business; life is more than business.

Cranesy: If you have to form a TEAM in the office, what kind of personal qualities of members you will look for?
Liliana Vaniglia Pacella: I would look for people ready to work as a real team, people in which I could deposit my trust knowing that each one would be the king or the queen in their place of job.

Cranesy: According your opinion, do the list of most common business-mistakes of entrepreneurs today?
Liliana Vaniglia Pacella:
3 Business mistakes:
1. Some of them don´t have real knowledge of cranes and logistics, they only want to show cranes and sell no matter if they don´t understand anything about it.

2. Some of them are not serious with customers. Sometimes they even advertise in internet under the owner´s price using this method trying to “fish” a buyer. They don´t show any respect to the crane owners.

3. Some of them don´t give any kind of technical support to their customers regarding the suitable crane for the job to do.

Cranesy: Resolutions for new year?
Liliana Vaniglia Pacella: Resolutions for 2014? Keep on maintaining our reputation in the crane market, gain new clients from other countries, keep on selling to our old and faithful customers. Fortunately in the last years we could always be beyond our goals.

Your rules to work efficiently and serenely ?
Liliana Vaniglia Pacella: To be polite, peaceful and respectful with your team. To stablish clear duties for everybody trusting each one will do the best in her/his position. To go out for lunch sometimes with the team and spend a good time together.

Cranesy: Any favorite city/place in the World?
Liliana Vaniglia: ITALY. (I have Italian blood!)
Cranesy: Your hobbies?
Liliana Vaniglia: To read books, going to the gym twice a week, going to the cinema.
Cranesy: Your dress style in the office?
Liliana Vaniglia: Mainly trousers or jeans and heel shoes, make up, earings.

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