Meet Melissa Temples, a successful woman in Construction Industry


Meet Melissa Temples, a successful woman in Construction Industry, who truly loves working in Crane&Rigging Insurance at M&P Specialty Insurance.

Cranesy: Who or what did inspire you to become part of construction sector?
Melissa Temples: Both my Mother and my Father. I grew up in the Construction Industry. My mother started a very successful interior architecture and design firm at a young age. She wanted to find something that would set her apart from other firms, so she started designing for the Timeshare and Hospitality Industry. I had the opportunity to travel the world with her to view upcoming projects and work on actual installations. I saw what all was out there in this world and was driven to find success where, I too, could succeed as a female and travel the world. I met many people and had many amazing conversations. I felt so comfortable and knew that I had to do something Big with my life. I worked with my mother from the time I was old enough to do so. I grew up in her business and loved being a part of her team.

While attending grad school, I also worked with my father, who owns a very successful, third generation, Residential and Commercial Concrete & Masonry business. Working in a family business can be very difficult. You have to work a lot harder than anyone around you to be taken seriously. Working with my father taught me about strong work ethics and loyalty. It made me the person I am today.

C.: Tell me about the first years of your career this on sector. How you became a business woman in crane sector?
M.T.: I kind of “fell” in to crane insurance. I was working in the insurance industry, in small business and personal lines, and felt unfulfilled. I wanted something more challenging, so I started looking for another job in insurance. I interviewed with M&P and knew from the time I walked in the door that I wanted to be part of their team. I started working with Michael Beall a little over 4 years ago. He took me under his wing and introduced me to the Industry. He spent time with me, teaching me about insurance and entrusting me with his clientele. He saw my ambition and invested in me and my success. I had the opportunity to attend ConExpo in 2011. I remember standing in the middle of the Gold Lot, looking at all of the equipment, looking at all the attendees and exhibitors and it hit me…there are very few women here. That didn’t make me feel uncomfortable though, it pushed me to become a student of the industry, to educate myself so one day I could interact with this crowd and become part of something much bigger than just insurance or cranes, but a community of counterparts and friends with the same passions and interests.

C.: It’s usually to say that construction sector is male dominated industry…do women have to work harder to gain credibility in this sector?
M.T.: I think we all have to work hard to gain credibility – both men and women. Credibility should be earned by commitment to the client, the company, and to personal success, regardless of gender.

C.: Which skills have helped you to find success in this sector?
M.T.: Leadership, Determination, Loyalty, Morality and Strong Customer Service skills. Excellent Customer Service goes a long way. Our clients invest a lot of money on their insurance and I feel that it is extremely important to treat them with respect, appreciation and gratitude at all times.

C.: How can industry attract women to a career in construction?
M.T.: Hands on, hands on, hands on. Women need to see other women succeeding in this industry. They need to know that they too, can be part of it. I would like to see more Internship Programs from the Construction Sector to bridge the gap between education and career. The more we can educate women and lead them, the more they will desire to be part of it.

C.: Example of Inspiring Leader for you?
M.T.: My parents. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the time that both my mother and father gave me, inviting me in to their business, letting me be a part of their team and teaching me all of the skills that they did. I am very grateful to both of them for making me the woman I am today.

C.: The best way to achieve a work-life balance?
M.T.: Family first. Work second. It takes time and effort to make it work. You have to plan date nights with your children and spouse and your family has to accept that you will have late nights and weekend commitments to your work. I think it is a compromise that you have to be willing to take to be successful. I cannot stay at home 100% of the time, however, I can work and have a family and be successful at both.

C.: Your commitment to construction sector?
M.T.: I am extremely committed. I still have so much to learn in this industry, we have a great team here at M&P and I look forward to growing with them for many years to come.
Short questions:

C.: Favorite motto/quote?
M.T.: “Due unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

C.: Aside work, your hobby is?
M.T.: Travelling, Working in my yard, and being a mom.
C.: Tea or coffee?

M.T.: Coffee, definitely
C.: Favorite place in the whole World?

M.T.: Close to home…Charleston, South Carolina. Far away – South Africa.
C.: Style you wear at work?

M.T.: Business Casual.
C.: Your strengths?

M.T.: Being a Mom, Strong Customer Service, Encouragement, Loyalty, and Determination. I am a very hard worker. I am non-judgmental and love others unconditionally. I love to smile. I have a huge heart and I think this takes me a long way as I care about each and every person I come across.

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