People & Cranes: interview with Daniel Romero, CEO Tecnogruas, Spain


Daniel Romero is considered as one of the most successful spanish entrepreneurs. He is currently CEO of Tecnogruas, tower crane company. Today we are going to speak with him about success, business, life and the tower cranes. Two words about your company?
We are a family business company who is selling tower and mobile cranes. How did you join the company?
15 years ago, once i finished my studies, I followed our business activity with the goal of opening new markets, and here i am. What do you think about team work?
It is a must. Actually, you cannot go alone. Without key people no way to progress. What is your typical workday like?
Email, phone, skype, drive, sometimes fly, visits, inspections, loadings, invoicing, accountancy and starting once again. Define success on your own terms.
Living to work, or working to live? Success is when you can work, earning enough for live. Far away for highest expectations and pressures, enjoying spare time and family. 7 keys of your success?
– Be honest and loyal from the very beginning.
– Do not cheat, be transparent and reliable.
– Exact description of the goods without hide important things can cause a headache to the client after delivery.
– Absolutely everything in written agreements, being accurate, specially in what we will do, what we expect from client and when or how will be paid and delivered.
– Strict compliance in all kind of payments and instalments from both sides.
– Don’t circumvent a dealership or middleman in any case, even when you have possibility to do it.
– A business must be interesting for both sides not just one side.

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