DICA Outrigger Pads – Lighter Weight, Lower Cost and Improved Performance


The introduction of a new series of load distribution products at ConExpo-Con/Agg in March by DICA Outrigger Pads has attracted the attention of the crane rental industry for their superior ability to support all types of equipment, even in poor soil conditions.

Designed to improve stability for the largest cranes under maximum loads, FiberMax Mega Duty crane mats offer a new solution for cranes working on most ground conditions and soil bearing capacities. Made of fiber reinforced polymers, the crane mats are strong and rigid like steel, but at 50 percent of the weight. Featuring high compressive and flexural strength, FiberMax crane mats can distribute concentrated loads over large areas to safely reduce ground-bearing pressure more effectively than wood or steel. This is critical when needing to spread loads over large areas to reduce the pressure being exerted by large equipment.

In addition, FiberMax’s engineered material is not affected by the elements or prolonged use. The technology was first developed for building pedestrian and vehicle bridge systems as a lightweight, long-term replacement to heavy steel structures and rotting wood structures. The result is that the FiberMax mats won’t rot, delaminate, rust or decompose like wood or steel.

“The reception of the FiberMax products by crane rental companies has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA Outrigger Pads. “Crane rental companies are known to invest in some of the highest capacity cranes featuring the longest boom configurations. They have been looking for a company that has the credibility and industry knowledge to provide them with an engineered product that would significantly reduce transportation costs and provide the performance that is needed to meet today’s stringent guidelines and safety concerns.”

FiberMax Heavy Duty and Super Duty products have a very high concentration of fiberglass reinforcements, which creates a crush strength in excess of 400,000 psi and an average flexural yield strength of 60,000 psi.

Three Categories of FiberMax Products for a Variety of Applications

The FiberMax line is made up of three categories of products for different outrigger reaction loads and soil bearing capacities.

The Heavy Duty FiberMax Outrigger Pad line is similar to the Heavy Duty Safety Tech® line. It is a different material with higher rigidity properties that some customers may prefer to Safety Tech engineered thermoplastic material. Measuring 3/4-inch thick, Heavy Duty Outrigger Pads are appropriate for all different types of outrigger-stabilized construction equipment requiring up to 16 square feet of support.

The Super Duty Crane Pad line is specifically designed to provide the support mobile cranes need on softer soil or poorly compacted ground. Measuring 1½ -inch thick, they provide an extremely rigid base for equipment needing 9 to 16 square feet of area.

The Mega Duty Crane Mat line, available in standard thicknesses from 4” to 10” can be FIT® to every crane currently manufactured. They are especially well-suited to cranes rated from 100 tons and up. These mats are specifically designed for cranes and equipment that require large load distributing footprints due to high outrigger reaction forces or lower soil bearing capacities at roughly 50% the weight of steel constructed mats. This weight reduction has been proven to reduce the transportation costs for crane rental companies.

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