Interview with Jann Rene Hansen, Sales Director – Mobile Port Machinery at SANY Europe GmbH


Cranesy: Presentation of SANY Europe GmbH and your new goals.
Jann Rene Hansen: SANY Europe is part of the SANY Group, a global manufacturer for construction equipment, mining equipment, port and oil drilling machinery, and renewable wind-energy systems.
SANY Europe is located in Germany since 2011 and primarily focus on excavators and mobile port machinery like reach stackers, empty container handlers and heavy-duty forklifts. The R&D team guarantees that all products distributed within Europe meet local requirements in safety, reliability and efficiency. The machines are distributed through a European wide network of dealers, who also cover service and maintenance work for SANY customers. Sany Europe have had some tough years, but the team is dedicated to bringing Sany back into the minds of the European customers with good service and delivery of safe and reliable products. My personal goal is to develop the mobile port machinery brand to become one of the leading brands in Europe for especially empty container handlers and reach stackers.

Cranesy: So what is happening right now at SANY Europe?
Jann Rene Hansen: I have been with SANY for 1 month now and will spend another two months talking to the customers, the dealers and analysing the business and the market. After that, we will create a strategy for the coming years.

Cranesy: What are the challenges?
Jann Rene Hansen: We have not been so active the last years, so we need to gain trust in the market again, and show the customers and end-users that we are still here and will stay in the future. I do believe in this, since the machines we have running with many customers across Europe are working well and the customers are happy.

Cranesy: Are there any new products lately appeared that improved way of working?
Jann Rene Hansen: No, not really. However, having said that, what our customers tell us is that our machines feels very safe to drive and work with. In this business, it is a very mature market and it is often down to small features like for example a joystick for the driver, how the cabin design is and things that make the working day safe and comfortable for the driver. There are certain standards that you as a manufacturer need to follow, and of course SANY does that too.

Cranesy: How will you measure success at SANY Europe?
Jann Rene Hansen: First by getting more machines into the market, by building up our dealer network and our contacts to the major customers all over Europe. Second by means of introducing new machines to the market, to become a more serious player.

Cranesy: Where is SANY Europe now?
Jann Rene Hansen: We are in a re-start face, starting to be more active in the market.
Cranesy: What will the customers see first?
Jann Rene Hansen: They will see more activity from SANY. We are still here and intend to stay. For example, we will also this year be present with a stand on the TOC exhibition in Amsterdam in June, where we will present the first two new machines in a range of extensions to our portfolio.

Cranesy: How did you join this sector?
Jann Rene Hansen: I was headhunted to this position. I worked the last 7 years with the Demag branded industrial crane products at Terex MHPS GmbH (former Demag Cranes & Components GmbH). I am coming from a capital expenditure business and there are many similarities to my new industry of mobile port machinery. Before that, I was working in various industries like for example telecom/broadband, measuring instruments and electronic components, so I have quite a wide orientation.

Cranesy: How has your work with cranes inspired you in your life?
Jann Rene Hansen: When I started working for Demag, I found it very interesting how cranes are used as a production “tool” and how important this “tool” was for many of our customers. It showed me that reliability and function is more important than the price in the end, and I found it very interesting to find the right solution with the customer, rather than jumping directly to the price negotiation. I strongly believe that my new industry is similar, the customers are depending that their equipment is working otherwise they are not productive. I really look forward to working like this in the future as well.

Cranesy: Your plans for the future?
Jann Rene Hansen: Make SANY products leading in Europe!

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