Interview with Larry Ireland, CEO/owner of Ireland Crane&Rigging


Interview with Larry Ireland CEO/owner of Ireland Crane&Rigging.
Working in North West Canada on the Alcan modernization project, consulting to Sarens Canada. And loving every minute of it.

CranesY: What’s your favorite memory about your work with cranes?
Larry Ireland:
My favourite memories as far as cranes go would be going to Germany for super lift crawler crane training. That was a turning point in my career. A memory that rivals the above was the day I started Ireland Crane&Rigging. This was something I always wanted to do, and to find support from so many unexpected sources was humbling and something I will never take for granted.

C.: What do you love about cranes?
What I love about cranes is all encompassing. I love it all, the equipment, being outdoors, working with other trades, travelling, but most of all it is the people that make the job great. Working with 200t -1600t cranes on rubber or tracks is great. My passion/specialty is to assemble and dis-assemble the larger super lift cranes with tray/wagon and luffing jib.

C.: According to your opinion, what is necessary to know/do to become a good crane operator?
L.I.: To be a good operator you must first off never have an attitude of I know all there is to know. Through the years in cranes I have never stopped learning. I learn from veterans in the industry as well as the apprentice on their first day as every individual see things in different ways. Also in my opinion paying attention to details while assembling your crane and rigging is IMPORTANT. Most people need to become competent at running a crane (executing multiple functions) prior to doing it fast, smooth and controlled. Last but not least please read the manual and know the machine. Know how to read charts and don’t think the computer is always right. Double check manually the radius, boom angle and capacity to make sure your program is right.

C.: How has Ireland Crane and Rigging inspired you in your life?
Ireland Crane&Rigging has inspired me to be professional to the client, courteous to the employee/other trades. To learn something new and try and help someone else learn something new every day. The site I am on now we have 3000 people so I believe that to create a good working environment and safe work value we must treat others the way we want to be treated.

C.: Safety in workplace. Would you give some essential advices about how to protect yourself from potential injury?
Safety …… It used to be that clients wanted the job done anyway possible as long as it was done quickly and right. Now the client would shut down the job in order to make it safe for all involved no matter the cost. The cost of one days lost production is nothing compared to the mental, physical cost not to mention the monetary loss that accompanies a lost time accident or a fatality. In my opinion safety is me taking care of myself, making all my actions safe, because if I am not safe how can I help others be safe!

On any job large or small be aware of your surroundings, know who is working around you and know what is being done. Go through the job step by step with the crew before commencing work. Discuss the procedure and the hazards so that everyone is aware of the steps and danger in the work to be done.

C.: Your “receipe” to stay positive and productive?
Staying positive and productive is easy when you love what you do.

I am happy to be doing the job I am and like getting up in the morning to do it. I think this shows in the work itself. Productivity is best produced in a positive environment, if the people are happy and well taken care of there is really no limit to how productive we can be.

C.: The best way to communicate effectively with your team?
I communicate with the people I work with in a very open, honest way. Some would say I am very blunt and to the point. I would never ask anyone I work with to do something that I wouldn’t do and I think that helps gain respect. If respect is mutual then I think we are well on our way to a happy, safe, productive experience. When I train new people on the super lift cranes I have to practice patients and understanding.

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