Interview with Natalia Novikova, Marketing manager Russia & CIS, PALFINGER SANY


Natalia Novikova has a 20 year overall B2B and B2C experience in production & service companies.
Since 2013 has been working as a Marketing Head for Russia and CIS in the Chinese-Austrian crane production PALFINGER SANY Cranes LLC in Russia, selling all types of cranes.

Cranesy: What do you love about cranes?
Natalia: This is what I love about all other things – grandiosity and massiveness. This is the product which is seen by all and everywhere – on the road, when you fly by plane & go by boat. So it is a grand scale product. The product I promote is seen everywhere without glasses.

Cranesy: How did you join into this sector?
Natalia: By chance. Before joining Palfinger Sany Cranes LLC I worked for security sector. It’s known that security sector, like crane selling sector, is very close to construction. My idea was to work in a company with the highest service level. And 2 years ago I joined the start-up company selling truck cranes.

Cranesy: What’s your favorite memory about your work with cranes?
Natalia: It was not long ago. I was asked to shoot in a corporate film on the windy building lot. Even that I was cold and even frozen (March is Russia is too windy, believe me) and repeating all the time the same movements, I was happy to star in front of the cranes I am promoting & thinking of almost all the time. You will see it soon on the our corporate website and LinkedIn.

Cranesy: How has your work with cranes inspired you in your life?
Natalia: To think on grand scale. To predict the sequences. You know, when you plan to exhibit a crane in the show or event I have to think about millions of things – the crane is big – the floor should be strong, the host of the rented showroom may be against such a big thing. You don’t have to think about it like you sell the a perfume, for example. So in life I also start to pay attention to minor things in advance.

Cranesy: Are you facing new challenges in this sector? Tell us about it.
Natalia: To find your own customer & to keep the existing one. To struggle and to stay prominent from competitors. To find the best approach to virtual customer and to stay individual at the same time. To meet the expectations of the curious Russian & CIS customer we need to be very quick and catch the hints in the air.
For PALFIGNER SANY brand there are challenges to show the crane to as many people as possible and to expand the brand knowledge to working people and to show them how easy and simple can be crane operator’s work.
Together with the TEAM we are eager to share the big bench of technical information with the potential customer. We start our service trips campaign all over Russia and CIS not long ago. And it brings its fruits now – crane holders take care about their cranes and the machinery work smoothly for very long time.
The main task to involve the customer into the process of creating the crane together and get the feedback from them thru surveys & communications.
Many challenges!

Cranesy: Would you recommend other young woman to undertake this career?
Natalia: Why not. If someone likes to be in muddy building lots many times it’s yours (hi hi hi). Frankly speaking I like the crane sector and crane people.
I adore communications – I come across so many different people – crane operators, managers & mostly men.

Cranesy: What does HAPPINESS mean for you?
Natalia: Happiness – when you have an illusion that you catch up with all! And you do what you like!
Sometimes it seems that you have all the time to make all – to stay health & to realize projects & to find the time for reading and travelling & and raising children!
But I also feel happy when I plan & realize projects at work because I love it, really.

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