Interview with Verania Costa Rives from Spain for WOMEN&CRANES


Today we are going to interview Verania Costa Rives working in Snorkel Lifts in Spain. Strong working woman with great personality.

Your background, your story, how did you start to work in crane/lifting sector?
I studied law and got my degree in 1993 and a Bachelor in Marketing and Sales Management in 1995. Most of my career has been in the Sales Marketing business .
First in a construction / real state company, then I moved to the Automotive Industry and finally into the access Industry where I am working since 2001.

Short intruduction about your company (your actual job)?
Currently I work for Snorkel lifts Manufacturer of Aerial Platforms.
My job title is District Manager for South Europe covering Spain, Portugal, italy and France.
I manage the dealers in these territories and our work directly with Rental companies, establishing the best policy to ensure Snorkel is strong brand in each of those territoires.

You are Women that works in the sector, commonly called “business for men”. How was the start of your career in crane/lifting industry?
Well if I look into the past I guess I have some funny stories to talk about. When you have 25 years old, male or female are both naive.

In fairness it was not as hard as one could expect. Automotive Industre was even more “business for men”, but I’ve never had any problem since I was respected and appraised putting up hard work.
I have pragmatic personality, I’m business orientated person and not too naive. I remember that I always had professional behaviour since my first working day and thanked my bosses at the time who’ve supported me all that time.

Typical day in your working life is…?
There is nothing typical in my working day. I devote the half of my time to travelling, and I also have to carry out few researches and daily typical work includes coordinating all areas regarding sales and dealership issues.

If you have children, is it difficolte to conciliate work and family? how much time do you spend with your family?
I have my sublime boys .
It wasn’t easy. I got pregnant 3 months after joining UpRight in 2001 and I had twins. I took up to travel again 2 months after giving birth. I was always supported by my fantastic family: mum and sis, whose devotion to my children was priceless and also my husband’s help was very supportive .
Now kids have 11 and half years old, they are solid little men with adorable character, they are growed up with lots self esteem. As one wrote once “my mum is not an ordinary mum, but a working mum”.
All my free time goes to them, probably not as much as they´d like to but is not the amount but the quality of this time what counts for all of us ; and we share lots of hobbies as well.

Aside from work, how do you like to spend your free time, do you have any hobbies?
I love travelling, even if I do it too often for work, but I still enjoy during travelling and my kids are global trotters as well, we spent last holidays in Costa Rica. I am also an avid reader and enjoy going to movies , gigs, etc and practising sports and the nature.
I am a social person and I enjoy being with my friends as well.

What motivates you?
I have very little ego, and I always believed that ego makes you weak and I can not allow myself to be weak.
But I am happy when customers congratulate with me for a good job and being a very customer person orientated, and I enjoy when projects run out with success. I guess I am a constant person.
My motivation are also my beautiful twins. I never give up and try my very best, I want to be a good example for them.

What are your goals for the next five years/ ten years?
Personally, I’d to continue growing improving in these things I am still bad at : Be more patience , relaxed etc.
I enjoy life and every second counts , I like the fact for me nothing is written since every second we decide the person we want to be.
I am quite set up at the moment, I only wish health to my loved ones, and I wish to work to develop my ideas in interesting projects.

3 advices to have success in personal and working life?
Rely on people that knows more than you and ignore who don’t wish you well.
Positive attitude. Enjoy what you do and hope only the best for future with a big smile.
Treat the others as you wish to be treated. Be gentle and nice, apologise should never be a problem.

Short questions:
Individual or team work? Team work.
Classic or causal style to wear in the office? Classic and if possible bit trendy .
Tea or coffee? Tea and Coffee (but only my home made one).
Mountains or seaside holidays? Seaside and if possible in exotic destinations!

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