Interview with Yannick Richaud Crane Care Manager at The Manitowoc Company in United Arabian Emirates


Cranesy: According your opinion and experience, which things should be considered before making investment decision in crane?
Yannick Richaud: I would say there are 4 main items to consider:
1. Ensure to have the right crane for the right job, with the right specifications and options. Many dissatisfaction and problems occur at a later stage because the wrong model of crane or wrong options were selected at the time of purchasing.
2. Look at the overall cost of ownership, not only the initial purchasing price of it. Consider also the maintenance costs, resell value, etc.
3. Look at the availability of spare parts and qualified technicians.
4. Consider the general “easiness to do business with” the company you purchase the equipment from. After you purchased the crane, some manufacturer will be willing to go the extra mile, to solve a problem, some will not.

C.: Your point of view of crane market today?
Y. R.: In my region: the Middle East market is definitely expanding with huge projects in Saudi Arabia, it will also most probably pick up as well in the UAE with Expo2020 coming up. So overall it is looking very promising.

C.: How come you have been interested in the Construction World?
Y. R.: I am a mechanical engineer and got an MBA. I am quite new in the Crane business, I started as the quality manager for Tower Cranes at Manitowoc early 2012. Then I took on a new challenge in September 2013 in charge of aftersales, support and services for the Middle East and Africa. Before that I was already in the construction industry for 16 years working for Caterpillar in various positions in France, Poland and South Africa.

C.: Business Tips for young people who want to achieve success at work? Your approach to work?
Y. R.: There are 2 main things I have in my mind when it comes to work approach:
1. Hard working and pugnacity are values that I believe are more important than ever. It is not always going to bring a short term success, however, in the medium and long run, this is the only way to bring success and leave a legacy.
2. Adaptation and acceptation of change are also key to survive and progress.

C.: Leadership is….?
Y. R.: For me… great leadership is the combination of courage, and, what it takes to bring people together.
And indeed, for that, you need a good head and a good heart.

C.: Which qualities are needed to work in TEAM?
Y. R.: Ideal team members, in addition to being good contributors, are able to: listen, accept others ideas, at the end give up some of their points in order to reach a better solution, that the all group can accept.

C.: In your opinion, what are the most common mistakes today’s enterpreneurs make?
Y. R.: The Crane business is a very competitive market. I am convinced that in the end, those who made the choice to go for a high quality, with good support will win the battle over the ones that made the other choice. Expertise and quality are key, cranes are not a commodity. It is easy to make the wrong choice when badly advised and pay later huge price for an equipment that cannot be supported correctly or which will rapidly loose value on the second hand market.

C.: Speaking about you, what is the worst idea you’ve ever had?
Y. R.: I have had tons of bad ideas, but fortunately I had good employees and friends who helped convincing me not to implement those…

C.: Projects in Progress?
Y. R.: I am quite new in this new position located in Dubai. I spend most of my efforts right now to establish good customer relationships and improve my knowledge and skills in order to better support them.

Short questions:
C.: Your Strenghths?
Y. R.: I believe: analytical skills, flexibility and diversity management.

C.: Your favorite place?
Y. R.: There are many of those, for example: Warsaw, Poland.

C.: Your favorite motto or quote?
Y. R.: “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. (Nelson Mandela).

C.: Your hobbies?
Y. R.: Discover new countries, new people, new cultures. Ski, Swimming, Jogging.

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