Leyden Prepares to Celebrate 20 Years as Straightpoint Distribution


Borneo-based lifting and rigging equipment supplier Leyden Engineering Services will mark two decades as a distributor of Straightpoint’s force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment in 2017.
Leyden, based in Labuan, a territory of Malaysia off the coast of Borneo, stocks 18 load cells and compression load cells up to 300t capacity, which are typically used for load tests on cranes working in the oil and gas market, and other industrial sectors.
Anthony Ho, who founded Leyden in 1987, said: “I have been using Straightpoint load cells from the start. There are other load cell suppliers but they are the best in terms of service, calibration, parts replacement and technical support. I have been working with load cells since before I started the company and understand the importance of accurate, durable measurement equipment in below-the-hook applications.”
Ho has noted ongoing improvement of Straightpoint’s technologies and is excited about applying its new Proof Test plus (or SW-PTP) software that adds speed, accuracy and breadth to data recording and certification related to non-destructive load verification or proof load testing.
Proof Test plus records data gathered by a Radiolink plus load cell, load shackle or compression load cell, for example. It then creates a pass or fail certificate that includes test data and graphs charting data from the load versus time throughout a test. Information can be printed out directly as a PDF report, electronically transmitted or fed to an information centre in the cloud.
David Ayling, director at Straightpoint, said: “It’s remarkable that Leyden has been a loyal distributor for approaching two decades. Anthony and his team have visited Hampshire, UK headquarters and it was great to visit Labuan recently to tour the facility and discuss development of the range with him and the team. We look forward to working with them for many more years to come.”
Ho said: “It was a feature of my visit to the UK that new products and innovations were at the heart of the facility. The company is very efficient at processing information from the marketplace and turning it into cutting-edge force measurement technologies that add safety and efficiency to applications out in the field.”
Leyden completes load tests on overhead cranes, mobile cranes, containers, personnel lifting equipment and other machinery. It commonly employs Straightpoint equipment with water bags, also sourced from a UK manufacturer.
Ho added: “It is a requirement in our region to load test a crane every 12 months and load cells are integral to efficient completion of those activities”

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