LiuGong Delivers Second TC250-4 Crane to the South Pole


A ship carrying a LiuGong TC250-4 Crane set sail for the South Pole from Shanghai on November 7th, 2015 to assist in the operations of a Chinese research facility. This is the second LiuGong crane to be sent to the South Pole and is due to land at Zhongshan station in Antarctica after 2 months, where the first LiuGong TC250-4 crane has been in operation for approximately one year.

Continuing on from the success of its predecessor, the crane will primarily be responsible for loading and unloading cargo, truck hoisting and house repair work at the Chinese research station. This second TC250-4 was specified after it was proven that LiuGong’s extremely tough equipment can work stably, reliably and continuously in the extreme, sub-zero Antarctic environment.

The commissioning of these cranes is a direct result of a strategic cooperation agreement between LiuGong and the Polar research center of China that was signed in 2012. Since then, LiuGong has sent several machines to the South Pole, including the CLG920D excavator, CLG856 wheel loader and TC250-4 crane. In doing so, it further demonstrates LiuGong’s commitment to customer satisfaction on a global scale, with hardened equipment performing the toughest tasks in the most challenging scenarios.

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