Manitowoc in China launches largest Potain topless tower crane – the MCT 1005

  • With a maximum capacity of 50 t and jib lengths of up to 80 m, the MCT 1005 offers huge capabilities for projects.
  • Despite its larger size, three counterjib options are available to aid work on confined jobsites.
  • The launch comes just a few months after the introduction of the 40 t MCT 805, which was previously the largest Potain crane built in China.

Manitowoc has announced the launch of the Potain MCT 1005 M50, the largest topless tower crane to be manufactured at its Zhangjiagang facility in China. Designed for use in emerging markets and Southeast Asia, and boasting a huge 50 t capacity, the crane is available with a choice of three counterjib options that will further enhance its seamless integration into confined jobsites.

The MCT 1005 M50 allows for the handling of an impressive 8 t at the end of its maximum 80 m jib, which is configured from 11 sections of either 5 m or 10 m in length. Only three sections are required to deliver its shortest configuration of 20 m, at which distance it can lift its full 50 t. The same maximum capacity is also available between 3.5 – 16.8 m when the jib is built to 80 m, or from 3.5 – 25.2 m when the jib is 30 m in length. Many customers will also appreciate the option of configuring the crane with the 45 m jib, which delivers a hefty 24.8 t maximum capacity at the jib end.

These heavy payloads are supported with counterjib options of 15 m for jib configurations of up to 45 m; 17.5 m for jib configurations of up to 55 m; and 20 m when working with jibs from 60 to 80 m. This versatility aids the crane’s ability to work in proximity to other cranes or nearby structures. Over 1,070 m of rope is available on the drum and the crane’s payload is efficiently transported horizontally, thanks to the smooth and precise frequency drives of Potain’s 25 DVFC 25 trolley. Slewing speeds are set at between 0 – 0.7 rpm via the RVF 174 Optima+ system.

Eye in the sky

The K850 mast, with its 2.45 m x 2.45 m sections, enables a freestanding height under hook of up to 69.7 m. At the top is the V140S Vision cabin where the operator will find a comfortable workstation that provides a clear view, aided by tinted glass, windshield wipers, and a sun visor. Heating comes as standard and air conditioning is available as an option for added comfort. The entire top-slewing section can be delivered to the jobsite in as few as 11 trucks, offering a surprising ease of transportability for such a large crane.

“As topless tower cranes continue to increase in popularity, we are quickly responding to the demands of our customers in Asia-Pacific for higher-capacity models,” said Leong Kwong-Joon, regional product manager for tower cranes at Manitowoc. “Topless tower cranes are ideal for large infrastructure projects or modular developments, plus a host of other applications – and with the Potain MCT 1005 M50 we’ve created a model with a vast range of jib lengths and capacities that is capable of meeting almost every task demanded of it.”

The MCT 1005 M50 arrives on the market just over six months after the launch of the Potain MCT 805, which was previously the largest Zhangjiagang-produced topless Potain crane when it launched in April 2022.

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