MultiDrive 3 – Olsbergs new control system – at bauma 2016


Welcome to visit Olsbergs at Bauma 2016 in Munich. For the first time we will present the new MultiDrive 3 control system. MultiDrive 3 in combination with load-sensing hydraulic valve Q200 – gives the operator the optimum tool for control.

Basic 6F, Display 6F and Display 8F – For total control
Basic 6F, Display 6F and Display 8F are different types of Olsbergs robust hand controllers. The choice of front handle decides the level of available information exchange between the operator and the machine.
The hand controller operates with a two way communication radio, license free ISM band for world-wide deployment, enabling information both to be sent and to be received. Automatic frequency management using LBT based DAA allows for long reach and continuous operation without any interruptions caused by radio interference from other wireless equipment.

Controller Display 6F and 8F have 6 resp. 8 control levers and distinct information displays providing the operator with real-time information.
The center display indicates system status, chosen menu, strength of radio signal, battery status, and micro mode if chosen.
Bright backlighted graphic symbols, one for each function, facilitates for the operator to always choose the right functions and thereby avoid mistakes.
Furthermore the displays can show status feedback for each function e.g. capacity utilisation.

As standard four menus with proportional functions and two menus with on/off functions can be configured. The selection of menu is easily done by pressing one of three push buttons located on the rear handle.
Menu system for quickly changing operator modes:
– Crane – e.g. operation of crane functions
– Extra – e.g. operation of out rigger functions
– ON/OFF – operation of on/off functions


Micro mode for slow motion
The micro function change the resolution in the control levers.
Activating the micro mode enables the operator to set the levers to preset values of normal speed thus enabling the machine to be operated with increased precision.

Configurable pushbuttons
The models Display 6F and Display 8F have two alt. four pushbuttons for control of on/off functions e.g. start/stop engine, increase/decrease rpm on the engine etc. The pushbuttons have dual channels for high safety.

Info button
In case of failure, by pressing the info button error indications from the complete control system are displayed on the centre display for fast and easy diagnostics.

Release button
If a function has been blocked due to a safety risk the release button is activated to confirm that the risk is noticed and that measures have been taken e.g. the crane operates at reduced speed for a limited time.

Cable control
The hand controller can operate via cable in e.g. areas where radio remote control is not allowed.

Controller Basic 6F fulfils the basic requirements of a hand controller when the operator does not need real-time information about the machine status.
The operator get a quick overview of available functions from a symbol label on the front handle and can choose between three menus. Two menus with six proportional functions and one menu with six on/off functions. Green LEDs indicate the chosen menu.
The operator get feedback about radio signal status, battery status and micro mode through LEDs.

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