Potain MR 418 designed for great heights


At ConExpo Las Vegas, which closed its doors on March 8, the manufacturer Manitowoc showcased a new Potain luffing jib designed for great heights.

Potain MR 418, with a capacity of 24 t and 60 m up arrow, is the first of a new range of cranes with luffing control systems with high precision. This model integrates the MR 418 lift 270 120 LVF 270 hp option, the same one unveiled in 2013. It can reach speeds up to 254 m / min and improving the productivity of the machine. A model of 150 hp, the 150 LVF 120 is available. The latter can be up to 552m at a rate of 210 m / min. The crane is suitable for work on electrical power or high-rise buildings, including structures over 200 m high.

“With Potain MR 418, we have a very compact crane, easy to assemble and put into service, and with a lifting speed very fast on high-rise projects”, summarizes Alexander Chanteclair, product manager at Manitowoc the Tower Cranes Division. Indeed, the crane is quickly implemented through a new control board and the arrow can go from horizontal to vertical in 1 min 15 sec. It is also equipped with a new automatic leveling system that allows it to move loads horizontally using the lifting rather than the elevator. This allows the operator to concentrate on a single operation for a better accuracy . On the other hand, the system of smart mast gives more flexibility to the machine works on a large height. The crane can be mounted on a frame size of from 6 m to 10 x 6 x 10 m.

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