Review:Liebherr LH60M


What is your product?
The LH60M from Liebherr, a heavy duty 60-tonne wheeled material handler with an energy recovery cylinder (ERC) on the main boom. Ideally suited for waste handling applications.

How does it work?
The ERC system recovers energy from the falling boom and converts it in to extra lifting capacity on the rise. The ERC system produces an extra 108KW of power with a fuel saving of 30% against its competitors. A Nitrogen filled cylinder is compressed on the lowering of the jib and the stored energy is used to assist the lifting motion. It is standard on the 40 to 80 tonne machines.

Where would it ideally be used?
The LH60M is ideal for use in a scrap metal or waste handling plant with multiple moves of material, where efficiency is the key.

How is it different?
The system is unique in the market with its patented technology from Liebherr.

What benefits does it offer?
Fuel savings, working cycle speed increases and extra lifting capacity all produce a machine that proves itself in the yard both practically and financially.

Any savings?
Savings of 30% on fuel, 5% decrease in working cycle times, depending on the type of work being done.

What about maintenance?
Routine maintenance is undertaken by Liebherr’s trained engineers, with the ERC system being practically maintenance free. The machine features auto lubrication systems to make maintenance as easy and quick as possible.

What is its life span?
The LH60M will work for many years in some of the toughest environments with reliable parts designed and manufactured in-house by Liebherr.

How is it future-proofed?
Stage IIIB engine makes sure the LH60M will meet exacting fuel emission standards, now and in the future.

Any future applications?
The continual improvement and development of technologies for fuel emissions and fuel efficiency are part of the company’s philosophy. We work hard to develop products that give extra benefits to our customers.

How many have you sold and where?
Liebherr material handlers are used extensively across the waste industry in the UK. The new ERC system has been fitted to the majority of new sales since it became available.

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