Speedy Lifting Adds Reid Gantries to Hire Fleet


Reid Lifting has delivered 75 lightweight gantry cranes to Speedy Hire, as the rental company looks to leverage the inherent suitability of the range to short-term usage.

Speedy, which has a specialist lifting division that offers an abundance of equipment for material handling and other applications, placed a landmark order for the gantries, predominantly for 2,000kg working load limit (WLL) units.

The total order comprised 40 Tall Porta-Gantry cranes, 30 Intermediate Porta-Gantry systems (all 2,000kg), and five 5,000kg capacity Tall Porta-Gantry products. All were standard items but part of the new ‘winch ready’ range, which gives the user the ability to convert the gantries for use with the mechanical hoisting device with ease.

Lisa Blake, specialist services director at Speedy, said: “To satisfy our customer demand we have invested in the volume of innovative assets in this category. This particular investment has enabled us to spread the assets regionally, which gives us the ability to react quicker, providing on-time delivery to customers across the UK.”

David Underhill, business development manager at Reid, said: “Reid has worked closely with the hire industry for many years and we are proud of our status as a key partner to major players in the sector. The rental market does not have time to deal with unreliable products, poor customer service, or equipment that is not in high demand, so we view this order as a solid endorsement of our products and overall offering as a company.”

Underhill pointed to three major characteristics that suit these lightweight gantry cranes to Speedy’s rental customers, namely versatility; portability and ease of set-up; and durability. He explained: “The products are used on projects from the maintenance of multi-billion dollar petrochemical facilities to rescuing seals trapped by rocks. The ability to rent a gantry on a short-term basis for such a variety of tasks creates great utilisation. The ease of assembly further suits the Porta-Gantry concept to the rental market because little time is spent erecting the lifting devices versus alternative solutions; they can also be quickly dismantled and moved onto the next task within a workplace or at the next customer’s site.”

He added: “The hire industry is the ultimate test of a product’s resilience. Reid’s equipment has proven its quality over many years and because we manufacture in the UK, in the event that a product needs attention or maintenance, we can advise and supply spare parts to ensure cost effective and swift repair. Of course, inspection of equipment is vitally important, which is aided by the ease with which products can be disassembled, eliminating the need to work at height. Such is the construction of the range, misuse or overloading should be immediately apparent during visual inspection.”

Reid’s equipment is among the fastest moving at Speedy’s dynamic operation, thus, delivery was coordinated in line with its ever-changing order book. The collection was divided into four shipments and based on ongoing dialogue with the hire team, manufacturing priority was given to items in the greatest demand.

Underhill concluded: “Speedy’s staff is extremely knowledgeable about the lifting industry and has worked with Reid’s equipment for many years, so formal training was not required. However, our sales representatives meet regularly with the lifting team to ensure that developments to our product are communicated and to make sure that Speedy receives the highest possible levels of customer service and after-sale support.”

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