Terex Cranes to unveil new Terex self-erecting tower crane at INTERMAT 2012, France


Terex Cranes will exhibit three cranes, including the introduction of a brand new self-erecting tower crane at Intermat 2012, to be held at the Paris-Nord Exhibition Center in Villepinte, Paris, from 16th to 21st April on booth n° C002 in outside area E5.

Highlighted by the introduction of the brand new Terex® self-erecting tower crane, Terex Cranes presence will also feature its recently introduced Terex® Challenger 3160, 55-tonne (60 US-ton) capacity class all terrain crane and Terex® Roadmaster 5300, 100-tonne (110 US-ton) capacity class truck mounted crane model.

Organized triennially, Intermat is France’s leading international trade fair in the construction sector. Attended by 1,470 exhibitors from around the world, this year’s event will provide an expected 200,000 international visitors the unique opportunity to discover today’s latest new products and technologies.

“At Terex Cranes, the development of new products that are focused on safety, higher performance and lower operating costs to meet customers’ increasingly challenging jobsite and business needs is all part of a continuous process,” says Rüdiger Zollondz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Terex Cranes.

“Developed with extensive feedback from our customers, the new self-erecting tower crane is the first in a new generation and marks our company’s entry into the 45-meter jib (147.6-foot) self-erecting tower crane class. With its purpose-designed innovations that focus on efficiency and safety, we are confident that the new self-erector will be viewed with particular interest by customers working on today’s most demanding residential and commercial building projects in France, and many other countries,” he adds.

About the New Terex® self-erecting tower crane

The new model tops the range of Terex self-erecting tower cranes with a 45-meter (147.6-foot) jib length, 6 tonne (6.6 –US ton) maximum capacity and 1.4 ton (1.6 US- ton) capacity at maximum radius. It features a fully hydraulic erection system to provide smooth and precise erection. The new crane offers the choice of 15 under-hook heights ranging from 14.5 meters (47.5 feet) to 46 meters (151 feet) thanks to its telescoping system and a choice of three different jib angle settings from horizontal, to 10 and 25 degrees. It can be purchased with an option of three different axle versions to save time around the jobsite and on the road. Finally, the integrated ECU system enables monitored crane control, customizable to individual crane operator requirements combined with a LCD display screen for fast intuitive set-up and storage of load charts.

About the Terex® Challenger 3160 all-terrain crane

As compact as it is powerful, the new Terex Challenger 3160 is the only 3-axle, 55-tonne class capacity machine currently available that is designed for one-man operation. Offering a maximum lifting capacity of 35.6-tonnes at 4-meter radius, and equipped with a 50-metre, single cylinder telescopic boom, the new Terex Challenger 3160 provides self-contained, one-man operation within 12-tonne axle-load limitations. In countries where axle load limits are 10-tonnes, the crane can de-rig its own counterweight to reduce weight to less than 30 tonnes.

About the Terex® Roadmaster 5300 truck mounted crane

The latest 100-tonne addition to the Terex cranes range, the Roadmaster 5300 truck mounted crane is designed to offer low total cost of ownership in a wide variety of applications. Utilizing an innovative superstructure design and an outrigger frame concept developed by our engineers at the Terex Cranes facility in Montceau-les-Mines, France, the Roadmaster 5300 uses a commercial 5-axle truck carrier built by reputable truck manufacturers. Its innovative design offers best-in-class lifting capacity. The crane features two main boom options with 59.4 or 50 m boom length, and a maximum system length of 81.7 m or 77 m respectively. Its YX-type outriggers provide excellent stability. Efficient and simple to use by one crane operator, the new Roadmaster 5300 is capable of lifting ahigh load in roadable configuration and without the need for additional transport. Both simple and versatile, the new truck mounted crane is a taxi crane, ideal for crane rigging, residential construction, equipment placement and for rental companies.

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