World NO. 1 – SANY XCMG XGC88000 Crawler Crane


XCMG XGC88000 is extremely thrilling! It is as gigantic as a small building, so I am eager to have a look!” “A man who stands near it looks very tiny! The arm frame is more than 200 meters! It’s really incredible that the domestic vehicle is so impressive!” After participating in XCMG Heavy Machinery National Customers Summit 2012, many clients showed great interests and curiosity in this steel giant!

First Show of Steel Giant
On 2nd Nov, 2012, World No. 1 XCMG XGC 88000 successfully came off the assembly line! With the maximum lifting moment of 88000 tons/meter, it enjoys the largest lifting capability in the world.

Mr Lu Chuan, vice president of XCMG Machinery Co. Ltd. said that the significance of XCMG XGC88000 lies in the deep integration of “the largest in the world” and the practical application rather than an enterprise’s dream of being “the largest in the world.” XCMG does not try every means to be No. 1 of the world. XGC88000 is designed in accordance with customers’ practical needs after a number of direct consultations with the clients. XCMG have achieved many world-class standards by directly participating in R&D with the leading hoisting enterprises in China.

Exclusive Disclosure of XCMG’s Secrets
XCMG XGC88000 crawler crane has the largest lifting capacity per piece in the world. It is specially designed to meet the needs of integral hoisting in petro-chemical industry, oil industry, nuclear power industry and chemical industry. For typical hoisting condition and construction site, XGC88000 is able to satisfy the practical needs of different industry, such as loading rate, endurance, the size of assembly site and disassembly and transportation.

Apart from the super lifting capability, XGC88000 can achieve 100% load shift, which substantially enhances the motility and convenience of the entire hoisting process. XGC88000 can have no-load climbing 6% (3.4°) and automatically choose the appropriate construction performance according to various surface roughness. In addition, XGC88000 is equipped with three different super lifting amplitudes so as to easily deal with different construction conditions and greatly improve the ground adaptability of the product.

There is a dilemma in the design of the crawler crane. Super lifting capability requires big components; however, transportation laws and regulations stipulate that the size of the components should be small. In order to solve this tough issue and simplify the transportation process, modular design is used for the complete vehicle XGC88000.
Slewing bearing with small limit size and large loading capacity is specially manufactured. Separate technology is used for large scale equipment such as vehicle frame, rotary table and crawler frame. The maximum transport weight per piece is less than 65 tons, and the maximum transport dimension is less than 12m×3.5m×3.4m. In this way, the crawler crane can satisfy the needs of large lifting capacity and can operate in accordance with transportation laws.

Condition Verification, Full Success
On 6th Nov. 2012, XGC88000 passed the verification by XCMG XGC88000 Crawler Crane Typical Conditions Simulating Hoisting and Engineering Adaptability Verification Review Meeting. This verification meeting was organized by dozens of leaders of the 10th Construction Company of Sinopec, with the participation of nearly 100 talents and friends in the hoisting industry.

In front of the experts and talents in the hoisting industry, XCMG XGC88000 displayed a series of highly difficult movements, including hoisting 2500-ton weight with 96 meters’ main arm, back vehicle rotating front vehicle for 90°, and front vehicle and back vehicle moving forward and backward together. It is said that the 4000-ton crawler crane, the largest one in the world, is about 200 meters in full expansion, which is extremely grand and impressive. The crawler belt is as high as 3 meters. Even if Yao Ming puts up his hands, he could only touch the top of the crawler belt. What is more, the crawler crane can move and rotate when it is loaded with 2500 tons’ weight. It is a real miracle!

On 23rd Nov. 2012, XCMG’s crawler crane commissioning site was crowded with clients coming from different parts of the nation. More than 200 people gathered together to witness this thrilling moment – 4000-ton level crawler crane XGC8800, which was developed by XCMG itself, challenged the hoisting limit of 4500 tons.

At 9:30 am, everything was ready. With the order of the commander of XCMG, XCMG XGC88000 crawler crane burst into a roar, and it elevated its main arm of more than 60 meters. With the operation conditions of 60 meters, XGC88000 lifted world-class hoisting load – 4500 tons, which was equivalent to the loaded KDX-II destroyer. The crawler crane lifted much more than the designed maximum lifting weight. Within only 15 minutes, XGC88000 successfully lifted the 4500-ton weight to the designated height, and put it to the original place easily after hovering in the air for 30 minutes. The whole process was safe, steady and efficient. We have every confidence that XCMG XGC 88000 crawler crane will stand proudly in the construction site of the world!

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