Crane Service Inc. uses Terex AT Crane to lift SUV at press event


To introduce its new GL-class sport utility vehicle to the automotive press, Mercedes-Benz organized an exclusive event at the Four Seasons Rancho Encantado Resort in Santa Fe, N.M. The event ended with an evening reception showcasing the new SUV in the resort’s courtyard. Crane Service Inc. and its TerexAC 100/4L all-terrain crane was commissioned to lift the vehicle for the event.

When Albuquerque-based Crane Service Inc. was hired to perform the lift, it decided to use the AC 100/4L. Chuck Connolly, project manager, said, “Normally, lifting a few tons is not extraordinary for us, but for this event we had a couple of interesting challenges. First, this is a PR event and the new SUV had to be placed without a scratch; and second, because of lack of space, we had to work at a high radius while clearing the building.”

For the first challenge, they used their rigging expertise to make sure no damage would occur to the SUV during the lift.  For the second challenge, they relied on the long boom of the AC 100/4L, which they used with a fully extended main boom at 195 feet to place the 5,300-pound SUV at a radius of 120 feet into the resort’s courtyard.

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