Demag’s upgraded AC 500-8 all terrain crane


Terex Cranes has upgraded its Demag AC 500-8 all terrain crane enhancing the machine’s technical characteristics. The latest version of the crane complies with the United States’ Tier 4 emission standards, which means that the unit now has access to the US market. In fact, the first order from the USA has already been placed, and the new Demag AC 500-8 will be delivered mid year. As for the European markets, the crane is widely accepted as it complies with Euromot 4 standards.

Along with the crane’s emission upgrade, another technical highlight is the unit’s new and innovative IC-1 Plus control system. The IC-1 Plus control system is designed to provide the crane’s maximum allowable lifting capacity, based on the slewing angle, for every crane configuration. The new control system no longer limits the maximum lifting capacity to a pre-calculated, 360deg load chart, which was based on the most unstable position of the crane. Instantaneous capacity calculations allow customers to take full advantage of the maximum lifting capacity available at any given slewing position for any crane configuration.

This advantage is particularly useful when working with reduced outrigger settings and reduced counterweight. In fact, it enables the Demag AC 500-8 to perform jobs where higher capacity cranes are typically needed. This comes with an added benefit: for many applications, the IC-1 Plus control system not only uses the full potential of the crane’s lifting capacity, but also creates the opportunity to use less counterweight as compared to the 360deg lifting capacities. This results in reduced transport costs.

The AC 500-8 has a carrier length of 17.1m, Terex says it is the most compact eight-axle machine in its class that can achieve a maximum system length of 145.8m with a luffing fly jib. The crane offers high power across the full lifting capacity range, through features such as the improved design of the main boom cross-section and the reinforced sideways superlift.

The star shaped outrigger design provides the required strength needed for minimal carrier deflection during maximum capacity lifts.. In addition, the crane boasts with short setup times, comfortable working conditions, and a carefully thought-out drive design for high transfer of engine power for performance on the highway and the jobsite.

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