Enerpac Offers SHS-Series SyncHoist System Lifting Solution


Enerpac has introduced the SHS-Series SyncHoist System, a below-the-hook lifting solution for positioning of heavy loads in crane applications. Using just one crane, the SyncHoist System allows operators to position loads vertically and horizontally safely and efficiently.

Designed with four BTH-1 compliant hydraulic lifting cylinders, the SyncHoist System is connected directly to the suspended rigging. Cylinders are available in 60-, 94- or 120-ton capacity with strokes ranging from 19.69 to 59.06 inches.

The SyncHoist is available with both manual and automatic control options. The manual controls allow the operator to actuate the SyncHoist cylinders using pump-mounted manual valves. The pump is equipped with load readings which display load at each SyncHoist cylinder.

The automatic computer-controlled option provides both position and load feedback. The system is capable of automatically positioning the cylinders with accuracy of +/-0.40” over full stroke. In addition, the system will provide warning alarms should the cylinders exceed the user established parameters for stroke and load.

“Using tandem or multiple crane lifts for positioning of heavy and unbalanced loads can be difficult to synchronize,” said Pete Crisci, global business development leader at Enerpac. “The SyncHoist System provides accurate positioning without the need for multiple cranes, enhancing a crane’s capability and significantly improving the overall safety and efficiency of the operation.”

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