Helicopter dismantles Potain Potain MDT 128 tower crane


A helicopter was used to dismantle a Potain MDT 128 flat top tower crane from a 200 metre tall bridge pylon in Norway.
The crane was used to help construct the Hardanger Bridge, near Bergen, in south western Norway. The bridge is 1,310 m long and is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.

Work for the 6 tonne capacity MDT 128 during the build included installing suspension cables and other lifting tasks. During the project the crane was working in wind speeds up to 217 km/h and temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

Crane rental company and Potain dealer Ajos from Denmark owns the crane. It was supplied to Scandinavian contractor MT Højgaard.

The Hardanger Bridge cost approximately €300 million (US $407 million).

Author: Laura Hatton
Source: http://www.khl.com/magazines/international-cranes-and-specialized-transport/detail/item88908/Helicopter-dismantles-Potain-tower-crane

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