Liebherr to Present its Latest Construction Machinery in Turkey at the 2015 Komatek Exhibition


At this year’s Komatek, the trade fair for construction machinery, technology and equipment held from May 6 to May 10 in Ankara (Turkey), visitors can find the Liebherr stand in the outdoor area A2-02. Here Liebherr presents machinery for earthmoving and special deep foundation operation.

The line-up from Liebherr at the Komatek trade fair consists of crawler excavators, wheel loaders, a duty-cycle crawler crane and a rotary drilling rig. Liebherr presents four crawler excavators. The smallest one is the R 916 which provides an operating weight of approx. 25 tonnes for bucket capacities from 0.80m³ to 1.2m³. The engine delivers 115 kW / 157 HP. Furthermore, the R 934 C with an operating weight of approx. 33 tonnes is ideal for bucket capacities between 1.45m³ and 1.80m³. It is powered by a 150 kW / 203 HP diesel engine. The biggest crawler excavator on display at the Komatek trade fair is an R 954 C. With this excavator in the 50 tonnes class, bucket capacities from 1.65 m³ to 3.3m³ and shovel capacities from 2.5m³ to 3.1m³ are possible.

Crawler excavator R 944 C: Versatile concept offers multiple application options
The Liebherr R 944 C on display in Ankara is an exceptionally versatile crawler excavator in the 40 tonnes weight category. With multiple specialized builds, Liebherr machines in this class have proven themselves not only in standard earthmoving applications, but in material handling, demolition, tunnelling and many other applications. A multitude of attachment options and variants of undercarriages allow an optimal configuration to achieve the highest performance in all application ranges. A hydrostatic fan drive and a separate swing circuit, as well as an efficient air-conditioning system and a sensor-controlled automatic idling also contribute to the standard machine configuration.

The R 944 C crawler excavator features exceptional digging and breakout forces due to the combination of large stick and boom cylinders and optimized attachment geometry. Depending on options, this machine weighs between 38,500kg and 40,900kg. The machine is powered by a Liebherr D936L inline six-cylinder diesel engine rated at 190 kW / 258 HP at 1,800rpm. The engine generation, as further developed for the “C-series”, assures an effective power delivery, a high efficiency degree, long life expectancy and complies with the emission standard IIIA / Tier 3. With the R 944 C crawler excavator, bucket capacities from 1.75m³ to 2.25m³ are possible.

Liebherr Wheel Loaders: Outstanding economy of operation
The L 514 wheel loader, which Liebherr presents in Ankara, provides an articulated tipping load of 5,193kg at an operating weight of 8.736kg. The bucket has a capacity of 1.5m³. The stereoloader is equipped with a diesel engine that delivers 77 kW / 105 HP of power output and complies to stage IIIB / Tier 4i emission regulations. Furthermore, the exhibit features parallel kinematics. With parallel kinematics, the power is transferred to the equipment in parallel with the lift arm. It offers high torque in the upper hoisting gear positions. A further advantage is that the driver can move the load over the entire hoisting area without altering the control settings. This is useful when working with a pallet fork, for example.

The L 514 wheel loader is part of the range of Liebherr stereoloaders. The design of stereoloaders is characterised by a combination of articulated steering and rear steering axle for a tight turning radius and optimum stability. These machines are particularly manoeuvrable and are distinguished by their compact and streamlined design, as well as their extremely smooth handling. Therefore they are ideal for a variety of applications. The wide array of attachments and the range of options make the L 514 extremely versatile and flexible in use.

At Komatek, Liebherr presents the L 566, a representative of Liebherr’s range of large wheel loaders. It has a tipping load of nearly 15 tonnes at an operating weight of around 23 tonnes. The L 566 is driven by a diesel engine which delivers 190 kW / 259 HP of power output. Bucket capacities from 3.5m³ to 12m³ are possible with the L 566 wheel loader. A characteristic feature for this product line is the optimized Liebherr driveline. This concept is based on two directly-coupled hydraulic motors of different sizes, each of them with a separate clutch. Because at least one of the two motors is active when the wheel loader accelerates and decelerates, the loader can adjust to every working situation regardless of the travel speed required and without the need for the operator to shift gears.

Liebherr wheel loaders are world leaders when it comes to economy of operation and environmental friendliness. With the advanced Liebherr hydrostatic drive they achieve the same working performance of conventionally driven machines with up to 25% less fuel consumption, and correspondingly low pollution emission. Other cost benefits of this drive concept are the virtually wear-free brakes, reduced tire wear and safe, convenient single joy-stick control. The hydrostatic transmission’s self-locking braking action not only has safety advantages but also guards against brake and axle overheating. Liebherr wheel loaders are offered either with Z-kinematics linkage for traditional earthmoving operations, or with P-kinematics for industrial operations.

Rotary drilling rig LB 36: Excellent performance and equipment features
At the Komatek of this year in Ankara, Turkey, Liebherr displays the LB 36-410, which is part of Liebherr’s series of pure rotary drilling rigs. The machine, designed and manufactured in Nenzing, Austria, possesses unique features like a stable leader design, robust kinematics as well as a broad range of possible applications. Like all rigs of the LB series, the LB 36 has been specially designed for Kelly drilling, drilling with double rotary head, continuous flight auger as well as for soil mixing applications.

The LB 36, weighing approximately 115t, is designed for drilling diameters of up to 3m and drilling depths of maximum 88 m. Its rotary drive offers a torque of 410 kNm. The powerful Kelly winch and the rope crowd system offer a significant technical advantage. The operator is thus provided with maximum performance and reliability even with the most difficult soils and under extreme operational conditions.

Special highlights of the Liebherr LB 36 are the solid design of the leader as well as extremely robust kinematics with a large cross section. The machine thus offers a remarkable high stability. Hence, the LB 36 considers even the heaviest demands, which are nowadays imposed on modern rotary drilling rigs. For the operator this results not only in high performance but also in less wear and therefore in a longer service-life of the machine.

Basic machine and leader can be transported in one piece. This allows for quick and easy transportation of the rigs and thus for flexibility in jobsite assignment. The time-saving quick assembly system for leader and crawler track assemblies of the LB 36, which is typical for Liebherr rotary drilling rigs, represents another significant advantage.

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