New Operator Assistance Innovations for Liebherr Crawler Cranes


Liebherr recently introduced two operator assistance systems for its crawler cranes: the Horizontal Load Path control assistance system and the Vertical Line Finder.

The Horizontal Load Path increases comfort during crane operation, allowing the load to be moved to the projected position more efficiently. The control assistance system also facilitates the coordination of loads during lifting operations with more than one crane.

Activated from a button on the joystick, the Horizontal Load Path function allows the load to move horizontally at a constant height. The boom and hoist winches are coordinated with the push of a single button to improve user friendliness with the crane.

This feature allows for precise load transportation for assem­bly work or work with concrete buckets. It also provides easier positioning of the load in blind spots and short suspension lengths to save time when positioning the load.
Liebherr’s Vertical Line Finder ensures that the load on the rope is hoisted with perfect verticality to prevent load sway and possible collisions with obstacles or people.

Through exact vertical hoisting of the load, the crane operation becomes smoother and there is less stress on the boom and steel. To employ the Vertical Lind Finder, the operator presses a button on the joystick, and the crane’s boom and hoist winches as well as swing are brought into the correct position. Crosshairs on the monitor show whether the rope is in vertical positi­on. The function of this assistance system is interrupted as soon as the crane operator releases the button and/or the maximum lifting capacity of the crane is reached.

Key features of the Vertical Line Finder include no sway of the load caused by diagonal pull when starting the lift, increased safety on the jobsite, less wear of the boom, easier lifting of the load even with obstructed view, and well-balanced load distribution during lifting operations with more than one crane.

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