PSC unveils compact and powerful SPMT 600 Trailer


It’s a common problem: a nuclear power plant needs to remove and replace a component from its reactor building. Most transport devices either won’t fit through the small entry, or, once inside, they lack the ability to maneuver within the confines. To overcome these issues, PSC has added a revolutionary trailer to its arsenal of heavy lift and transport solutions: the Self-Propelled Modular Transport (SPMT) 600.

With a minimum height of just 30 ⅜ inches and a width of 7 feet 6 inches, the SPMT 600 can fit into tight spaces. Despite its compact size, the trailer is powerful: It can transport up to 67.5 tons per unit (22.5 tons per axle line). It’s also a flexible solution as it can be configured to meet the specific load requirements of a project and space constraints of the plant by coupling up to four trailers end-to-end or side-by-side.

The SPMT was engineered to provide unparalleled maneuverability in the heavy transport market. First, each self-leveling wheel unit has a steering and lifting cylinder that optimizes control and traction. The pivoting wheel assemblies allow the trailer to move forward and backward, as well as sideways. Furthermore, the trailer features a self-sufficient power source. Without the hindrance of power cords, the unit can rotate 360 degrees without changing its mid-point. Its intelligent design and innovative functionality allow the SPMT to fit through a narrow entry, proficiently maneuver into position, and rise from 30 ⅜ inches to 44 ¾ inches to precisely load a component onto a station. Once the component is in place, the SPMT simply drives out from under the load and exits the project area.

Another distinguishing factor is the SPMT’s sophisticated wireless control system, Intellidrive, which allows a PSC certified operator to maneuver the trailer using a hand-held control unit. This remote control functionality significantly enhances safety as the operator does not need to physically be on or in the transport device and he can move to the best vantage point unobstructed.

Delivery of the SPMT to any location in the continental U.S. is fast and easy. Its compact size allows PSC to transport it on a standard flatbed trailer or in a standard 20-foot container, thus eliminating the need for special transport permits. As a result, PSC can have the SPMT to a job site faster than larger heavy transport trailers.

“The SPMT is a game changer for every plant that needs to move heavy equipment through small entries and within narrow passageways,” said Tommy Morrison, PSC’s director and senior project manager.

For more information about the SPMT 600’s remarkable capabilities or to reserve the SPMT for a project, please visit or contact Jay Holt at 219.713.9398 or Tommy Morrison at 479.264.6867.

Media Contact: Melissa Hicks, Mosaic Marketing, 484.888.6766

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