Telehandler Attachments – A Wide Selection of Telehandler Attachments


Have you ever felt that your telehandler or loader is not as versatile as you want it to be? The big forklift or small crane, as many people call it, is one of the most versatile machines you can own, but it is not quite versatile for some specific operations. Whether designed for construction, agricultural or other purposes, you can pick up some attachments that suit you best. The telehandler attachments included in addition of this article are all worth including in your collection. Let’s explore which options boost your productivity most.

Shear Grabs – Newer machines are designed with higher capacity and are used for handling higher quantities of materials. But to be able to perform heavy-duty applications, most of them use shear grabs, with high strength and great wear resistance. Shear grabs are very common attachments and boost the efficiency of operators that cut and handle large quantities of materials on a regular basis.

Forks – Allowing operators to handle bigger and heavier loads than they are used to, forks finds their use in various of industries. Forks provide a larger support to the machines and allow them to handle larger and heavier pallets (or loads) effortlessly. If fork is what you need to boost your efficiency, pay attention to choose a suitable type, as there are many different types of forks.

Snow Blower – For removing snow, there are many attachments to equip your machinery with, but not all are efficient as the snow blower. To turn your loader/telehandler into a snow removing machine, attach a snow blower, which is hydraulically powered and available in many different models and different manufacturers. Bobcat is the most popular manufacturer of implements, especially of snow blowers.

Cutting Head Attachment – To boost the efficiency of cutting operations, you can equip your loader or telehandler with a cutting head attachment. It enables your machine to handle big-sized materials and uses its four hydraulically powered saw blades (usually) to efficiently cut material. Also, some cutting head attachments feature a hydraulic break-back device.

Auger – When it comes to digging, there are numerous of specialized telehandler attachments for digging. However, the auger is a standout and a must-have attachment, as it can significantly boost your efficiency by loading, scooping and carrying loose materials around your site. If you need to drill a post hole or other hole in your yard, there is no better attachment for your machine than auger.

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