12hoist4u reaches six year safety milestone


October 1st marked a significant safety milestone for 12hoist4u by passing six consecutive years without a lost-time accident!

12hoist4u serves the temporary and permanent recruitment needs for any role in which lifting and hoisting competences, skills and experiences are required for major Oil & Gas companies, drilling companies, energy companies, EPC contractors, mechanical, construction and maritime contractors, freight forwarding companies, engineering and construction companies, crane manufacturers, heavy lift crane rental and specialized transport companies, training schools, engineering companies and maintenance and inspection companies.

Despite the hazards that are always associated with lifting and hoisting operations, specialists contracted from 12hoist4u have logged more than 6 years without being involved with an incident!
An accomplishment as tremendous as this doesn’t happen simply by chance. Safe operations are complicated…and it takes a lot of work to make NOTHING happen. It takes the understanding and dedication to safe work habits by everyone at every level of the organization. It takes active steer from 12hoist4u staff, as well as engaging the individual being contracted through 12hoist4u, to keep a minor incident from developing into something much worse. For managing director Peter Verhoef, the six-year milestone stands out in the industry. ‘This is exactly what we all strive for’ he said. ‘This is a very unique accomplishment for a recruiting agency fully dedicated to such hazardous operations. I wish to thank each and every individual that worked for and through us. They did an excellent job and should be very proud of reaching this milestone’.

Person In Charge training is very well reviewed by participants
Nearly 350 people followed the Person In Charge training which is organized by 12hoist4u since 2012. Each and every training ends with an evaluation and is reviewed by the participants with an overall figure for the training contents as well as for the trainer.
With an average figure of 8,1 for the training contents, an average figure of 8,3 for the trainer and a 100% recommendation by the participants the training shows to be highly appreciated by the participants.

The training is important for everyone who holds responsibility for the execution of lifting and hoisting operations. In addition, the training also provide insight to many legal aspects that work knowledge widening for other functions in which one having to deal with lifting and hoisting. For example: logistics coordinators, planners, lifting supervisors, contract holders, buyers of lifting and hoisting equipment, HSE coordinators, HSE staff, incident investigators, constructors of work equipment, job owners, maintenance managers etc.
According to the European directive 2009/104/EC, in the Netherlands retrieved in the working conditions Decree (Arbobesluit) article 7.18 member 9, lifting and hoisting operations shall be carried out under proper supervision. In compliance with the working conditions Decree someone who is responsible for the lifting and hoisting operations shall be appointed: the ‘Appointed Person’, within the international Oil & Gas industry also called ‘Person In Charge’.
According to the same working conditions Decree, article 7.18 Member 8 it is a legal requirement that all actions for the lifting and hoisting shall be properly planned and carried out in such a way as to protect the safety of workers.
To be able to comply with these legal obligations, it is important that the ‘Appointed Person’ has sufficient knowledge in the field of planning, management measures for safe execution, people, resources and circumstances.

There is a fixed schedule for the training days: every first Monday and every 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month. On top of that, additional training can be arranged on request of the customer.
You can download your registration form directly here or through the link on our website.

12hoist4u embraces ’10 questions for a safe lift’
Currently 12hoist4u has 2.291 specialists dedicated to lifting and hoisting registered in their very advanced recruiting system that can be made available for shorter or longer term assignments. Although a serious amount of these specialists have already worked and are familiar with the ’10 questions for a safe lift’, in days to come all of them will receive a copy and be requested to apply them as far as possible within their responsibility or asked to make them known to the management they are working for.
In doing so, 12hoist4u’s management proves to take their responsibility and do whatever possible to support the safety of lifting operations from their customers.
Lifting and hoisting operations are one of the major causes of fatalities and serious incidents in global industries such as exploration and production (E&P) activities, shutdowns and revamps, energy industry, building and construction industry. Every type of lifting and hoisting operations has a set of risks that need to be managed if the operation is to be undertaken in a safe and efficient manner.

Despite the vast number of regulations, standards and guidelines that apply to lifting and hoisting, incidents continue to occur. To give the E&P industry a clear focus on this issue, the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) Safety Committee Task Force on Lifting and Hoisting developed a recommended practice (RP) document already back in 2006.
The lifting and hoisting recommended practice is based on experience and best practice for preventing fatalities and serious incidents. The intent of the document was to bring about a significant reduction in lifting and hoisting incidents by highlighting the essential principles of safe lifting and hoisting and encouraging their strict application to operations.
There are two ‘key elements’ in the recommended practice:
– Lifting and hoisting operations shall be categorised to reflect increasing risk and consequent increasing level of control required;
– 10 questions that all need to be answered with a ‘clear yes’ before starting the operations.

Over the years the ’10 questions for a safe lift’ clearly proved to be easy to adapt in each and every lifting and hoisting operation, regardless of market, location or equipment to be used and has proven to be of ‘Life Saving’ value.
For that reason 12hoist4u embraces these ’10 questions for a safe lift’, and will do whatever possible to ‘spread the word’ thus contributing to the safety of lifting and hoisting operations.
The ’10 questions for a safe lift’ can be downloaded here.

Norwegian office approved as recruiting agency
Previously we already announced the opening of the first international office for our company in Norway: 12hoist4u Norge A.S., being a 100% subsidiary of 12hoist4u.
We are delighted to inform you that 12hoist4u Norge A.S. is officially registered as Staffing Enterprise by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.
A copy of our registration can be downloaded here.
Address details of 12hoist4u Norge A.S. are:

12hoist4u Norge A.S.
Brugata 14
3832 LUNDE
Email address: Norway@12hoist4u.com

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