India’s first Potain MCi 48 C gets to work for Divakar Construction


Divakar Construction & Builders has taken delivery of India’s first Potain MCi 48 C tower crane. The 2.5 t crane, which is aimed at mid-level construction job sites, is already at work, building a convention center at a renowned hospital in the heart of Mangalore. As a result of its performance, Divakar Construction & Builders plans to buy a Potain MCi 85 A.

Before buying the 2.5 t capacity MCi 48 C, Divakar Construction & Builders rented a Potain MCi 85 A and was impressed with its quality and performance. As a result, the company decided to invest in a Potain crane of its own, as Mr Divakar, owner of the company, explains.

“The crane we rented was the perfect example of what Potain cranes are about: high-quality design, maximum job site efficiency and unbeatable return on investment,” he says. “The next logical step after renting was to buy one of our own. As one of the top civil contractors in this region, it is important that we use industry-leading equipment that can perform on a huge variety of job sites. I am delighted that we are the first to welcome this innovative, new crane to India.”

The Potain MCi 48 C building a convention center at a hospital in Mangalore, on the west coast of India, is placing a combination of steel, cement, rock and concrete. The Potain MCi 48 C can lift up to 1 t loads at its maximum jib end of 36m.

There is a plan to use the same crane to build residential apartments, commercial buildings, educational institutes and other hospitals soon after the convention center work is completed.

The advantage of the Potain MCi 48 C is undoubtedly its size; transportation is a hassle-free process as the crane can work comfortably even on congested city job sites. The MCi 48 C’s compact size also means that it consumes less electricity and can be installed easily, without compromising on performance.

With a new government recently formed in India, the outlook for the country’s construction industry is encouraging, adds Mr. Divakar.

“We’re confident that this political change will have a positive impact on the market,” he says. “With a new government in place, we’re hoping that regeneration and development of urban areas will mean more building projects for companies like us.”

With a busy development program expected for India’s second and third-tier cities, Divakar Construction and Builders is using this forecast as a sign to grow their Potain fleet further. With several upcoming projects already in place, the company’s next investment will be a 5 t capacity Potain MCi 85 A.

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