Interview with Megan C. Simpson, Director of Sales in US, Middle East and Asia – Big International Group


Cranesy: Please write tips list to young ladies who yearn for career in crane business:
Megan Simpson: I’d say to anyone who strives to have there career in the crane business, is to be passionate about what it is your doing, keep up on new opportunities in the field, and stay busy on networking within your professional life. Have minimum distractions from your personal life if you want a successful professional life.

Cranesy: Who or what has introduced you in this sector commonly called “men sector”?
M.S.: I became interested in the crane sector back in 2008 through CEO Ash Ali Bhatti of Big International Group, out of Houston, TX. He is a great person to learn from. He is passionate, dedicated, and he constantly brings success to the company, and the clients. I think when you work with employees that hold the same attributes, and remain positive, then it plays an effective roll to all others in the company.
When we share the same positive attitude, it will put a positive influence in both the personal, and professional life of the employees. Which will forever bring continuous success.
Through an excellent employee environment, great passion, and persistence I was able to find that the Crane sector was right for myself, and I continue to persevere at anything it I put my mind to.

Cranesy: Who/what inspired you or inspires you every day?
M.S.: My faith gives me my aspiration.

Cranesy: If you have to form a TEAM in the office, what kind of personal qualities of members will you look for?
M.S.: I will look for individuals who show honesty, integrity, passion, confidence, and are open-minded.

Cranesy: The style that you like to wear in the office?
M.S.: “I love to style myself for the office in up to date suits from various botiques. Style is a reflection upon who you are.”

Cranesy: Why the decision about career in Crane sector was a good choice for you?
M.S.: I knew that cranes have been around for centuries, since the Greek times, and up until the Industrial Revolution they were built of wood. I think now the times have dramatically changed, as in so many fields of machines. I think there is a growing opportunity in my field, and working to help build the world is an honor in any career decision.

Cranesy: Your favorite motto/quote? Would you like to offer some quote for Women in Construction Sector?
M.S.: “ I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.” – Oprah Winfrey.

Short questions:

Cranesy: Your favorite color?
Megan Simpson: Purple

Cranesy: Your favorite place in over the World?
M.S.: Malibu, California

Cranesy: Your favorite author?
M.S.: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Cranesy: Tea or coffee?
M.S.: Both

Cranesy: 70s or 80s music?
M.S.: Both

Cranesy: Your hobbies?
M.S.: Sports, Traveling, Yachting

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