Liebherr testing new PowerBoom feature


Leibherr announced that it has been testing a new PowerBoom feature on a 3,000t LR 13000 crawler crane. The feature enhances capacities dramatically.

The PowerBoom design was in planning during the development of the LR 13000 crawler, Liebherr said.

Since the end of December 2011, Liebherr has had the PowerBoom 13000 fitted to the crawler for testing.

It has this week commenced testing under a wide variety of configurations. The tests will last for the next few weeks.

The LR 11350 the luffing jib, which passed an acceptance test of different lengths of P-main booms last autumn, is scheduled for testing along with the PowerBoom,

When the crane is fitted with the PowerBoom, the lattice elements in the lower area are mounted parallel to one another, while at the top the double boom is merged together to form one single boom.

The Powerboom makes use of such standard lattice components to greatly increase the lifting capacity, raising capacities into the next highest class, Liebherr said.

There are advantages not only when operating the main boom, but also when operating the luffing jib, Leibherr explained.

The PowerBoom causes a considerable increase in torsion torque moment on the LR 13000.

Improved lifting capacities on the luffing jib come into action owing to multiplication of forces through increased torsion torque moment of the PowerBoom it self, and also from the use of particularly strong lattice elements.

Leibherr explained assembly of the PowerBoom and luffing jib: “For the P-boom, in the parallel area the lattice elements from the standard luffing jib are used. The powerful main boom elements which then become free can accordingly be fitted as a particularly heavy-duty luffing jib.”

Liebherr commented on the product as a milestone in its range. “The development of the innovative P-boom system is a major milestone in the product offensive being launched by Li-ebherr in the lattice-boom crane sector.

“This includes both the development of new crane types as well as the optimization of the existing product range,” it said.

Two booms from this line are on display for visitors to the Liebherr plant site in Ehingen.

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