Meet Emma O’Dwyer, VP Market Development from The Matcom Group, Canada


Role of Women in Construction sector today. Today we interview young and beautiful Emma O’Dwyer VP Market Development from The Matcom Group, Canada. Find more details about marketing strategy, how to plan your work and how to find a balance between career&family.

Cranesy: You are in crane sector for 10 years. What were your first steps in this sector? How come you’ve been interested in the world of cranes?
Emma O’Dwyer: My family has always owned a machinery moving and rigging company, so I grow up around the industry and heavy equipment. My University studies lead me to an Art History degree and a early career in the Museum and art world. It was not until my father asked me to help him with a rebranding of the organization that my passion and love for this industry was rediscovered. In 2009 I started a MBA program at The Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto. Once I completed that degree I took on a senior management position in the organization. Our company has grown to incorporate a number of different industries and services including machinery moving, rigging, millwrighting, machinery repair and mechanical services, over the last 10 years making us a leader in the industrial solutions marketplace for industrial machinery here in Canada.

C.: In crane sector there is competition with other international suppliers,
necessary steps to mantain the rhytm of international market? What kind of Marketing Strategy does your company use?

E.: Matcom has been in business for over 37 years and therefore have a well established reputation within the industry and marketplace. However we do not just rely on our reputation we utilize a personalized sales and marketing approach to allow our skilled and highly technical sales personnel to provide solution selling to our clients. We tend to not use formal advertising vectors and rather utilize more conversational modes such as social media and web presence. We also focus our “ad dollars” to community associations and events which we have proven helps Matcom as much as the community around us.

C.: Remember your first earning?
E.: My first job was as a competitive swim coach for 6-9 year olds. This was a wonderful job as it let me spend lots of time in the water, and taught me the importance of being creative in my methods of teaching and leading as well as the significance of patience, listening and understanding. Communication is key in coaching and learning how to communicate in a number of different ways well giving the same message was something that became a key stone in our teams success.

C.: Women in Construction today, what is your point of view about it?
E.: We are too few and far apart. It is a sector that really needs to open up to women and the skills and strength that individuals can bring to organizations no matter the gender. Women need to stick it out as well — nothing is easy in the beginning but if we can work together we can make this the best industry for all to work in around the world. It will take the whole industry to work on recruitment, retention and success for women in this workplace.

C.: Secret ingredient needed for have succesful personal and work life?
E.: A key to success in personal and work is to have great enjoyment in what you do every day and therefore go home happy at the end of the day. Christine Day, the former Executive Vice President of Starbuck’s gave me the best advise so far in my career which was “you can control when you get to the office but you cannot always control when you go home.” I have used that to make sure I do the things I love in my personal life, like swim or have a morning coffee with a friend, before I go to work so that I am never resent my work life and the time it takes from me personally.

C.: Tips to young ladies who wish to do career in Crane Industry?
E.:It is a great industry and every day is a wonderful adventure but you need to stay strong and believe in yourself more than anything else. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and for help as it will not make you look weak but human. No one is meant to know everything on day one and there are people who have been in this industry their whole lives who still do not know everything.

C.: You are young, but you already have several years of work experience behind you, what’s the toughest decision you ever had to make in your entire career?
E.: Luckily so far in my career the decisions have not had to be that tough — I am hoping to keep it that way through good choices and planning.

C.: Career and family, how’s difficult to reconcile both of them? According your opinion, should women start have baby before or after 30?
E.: It is a fine balance that always needs work and attention but as long as you communicate and set priorities in each aspect of your life it is possible to keep the balance and harmony in both. I believe family planning is a personal choice that differs for each individual women, everyone knows when the time is right or not for them.

C.: Your Strenghts?
E.: Communication, Positivity, Creativity, Patience. Are all strength that have stood me well in my career path.

C.: Your idea about Team Work and how it works in your company? Do you use some daily motivation
with your staff?

E.: We have a strong foundation of team and family within our culture at Matcom. We have learnt over the years that together we are more successful then apart. Michael Jordan once said “talent wins games but…teamwork wins championship”. This is Matcom’s philosophy everyday. Due to the type of work we do the crews are often scattered around the world so there is nothing in one daily event but the leaders at each site each morning have a “job talk” where they discuss how they can help each other be the best in customer service and make sure they all go home safe that night to their families. Safety is a personal priority to all thanks to our feeling of team and family.

Short questions:
C.: Your favourite motto or quote?
E.: Keep Calm and Carry On

C.: Your favourite flowers?
E.: Sunflower

C.: Classic or casul style to wear in office?
E.: When I am going to meetings outside the shop it is more classic but since we are in a environment at the shop that is not formal I tend to be very casual in my day to day wear.

C.: Tea or coffee?
E.: Coffee

C.: Favourite dish/cocking?
E.: Take Out

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