National Crane boom trucks get mine-ready at Pesco in Chile


Known for their versatility and robustness, National Crane boom trucks have a long-standing record of getting to work quickly and performing flawlessly on the job site, often surpassing expectations in all sorts of environments, from congested urban locations to remote mines.

In Chile, National Crane distributor and local rental company Pesco specializes in supplying cranes to the country’s sprawling mining industry. Over the years, the company has designed a series of modifications for the boom truck units to ensure they meet the strict safety regulations for all vehicles working in Chilean mines.

The features installed by Pesco ensure that each National Crane boom truck leaves its facilities, just outside metro Santiago, entirely mine-ready. The update includes applying high visibility yellow paint to the truck’s exterior, building a reinforced flatbed with side gates and tailgate, and adding clear markings of the crane’s load capacities throughout the unit.

“Since 2008, we’ve been proud to represent the National Crane brand in Chile and we’re happy to work with such reliable, high-performance boom trucks,” said Alejandro Aguilar Castro, special equipment manager at Pesco.

Most of the components added to National Crane models at Pesco are required for the hazardous mining environment. Pesco installs access handrails, additional lighting, safety signs and decals around the truck’s body. Maximum capacities are clearly displayed, along with safety color markings that cover the hook block and the boom truck’s outrigger jacks.

Boom truck bonuses
The use of boom trucks has steadily grown in the Chilean mining industry over the last few years. National Crane’s impressive lifting capacities, combined with a truck of the customer’s choice, make them a powerful and flexible option for an enormous variety of lifting jobs.

Fast operation is another key selling point for National Crane boom trucks. Setup and teardown times are generally very fast for boom trucks, allowing workers to move quickly from site to site. Also, additional permitting is not usually required for highway travel, saving time and money.

“Customers choose National Crane boom trucks because they offer more impressive load charts than their competitors and are made from higher-quality materials,” said Eugenio Frings, Manitowoc’s regional business manager in Chile. “Specifically, the comfortable cab and stronger boom and hoist are features that customers love.”

Founded in 1998, Pesco is a leader in the sale of equipment and machinery for mining, forestry, environmental, municipal, industrial and emergency organizations. The company has developed a strong sense of adaptability, improvement, innovation and growth, with its main motivations being the passion for a job well done, excellence in serving its customers and the continuous development of its employees.

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