Overview: LiSIM – Liebherr Simulator for Crawler Cranes and Foundation Equipment


LiSIM® – Liebherr Simulator for Crawler Cranes and Foundation Equipment increases both productivity and safety by providing a cost-effective and highly efficient operator training solution. The development of this sophisticated training tool was prompted by Liebherr’s extensive experience in crane operator training. Based on the original Litronic® control system, LiSIM® is the only realistic virtual solution available on the market for learning to handle the precise and innovative control of Liebherr crawler cranes and foundation equipment.

Safety first
Thanks to the virtual environment, damage to the equipment and the surrounding environment is completely eliminated. As simulator-based training is relatively inexpensive, trainees can spend more time in the virtual environment, learning instinctively how to react appropriately to unexpected situations and so improving the overall safety on the construction site.

Simulator training avoids costly downtime and reductions in productivity caused by training on the real equipment. The emission and fuel-free LiSIM® training solution is also in line with an environmental friendly operation. Furthermore, this advanced training method has the potential to significantly reduce costly accidents.

Wide variety of functions
For LiSIM®, Liebherr’s LB 28 rotary drilling rig and the LR 1300 crawler crane have been modelled. A wide variety of different functions is essential for the simulation of everyday and extraordinary situations machine operators face in the real world of construction site operations.

Features include:
– All functions of Liebherr drilling rigs and crawler cranes
– Interaction with objects at construction site
– Different construction site conditions
– Crawler cranes: different loads
– Drilling rigs: different drilling tools
– Safety functions
– Challenging exercises for continuous training progress
– Possibility to enter error indications
– Database to monitor trainees’ performance
– Language packages

Original software and hardware
Running on an advanced industrial computer system, the original Litronic® control system precisely calculates all machine movements both in 3D and in real-time. Moreover, the ergonomically designed cockpit together with the real hardware installed guarantee a realistic and unique training experience. The motion platform accurately simulates the response and feel of a machine-mounted operator’s seat. Full HD flat screens and surround sound speakers reproduce views and sounds of a typical construction site environment. Each simulator is equipped with a multifunctional instructor station offering complete control over the simulation.

LiSIM® is available in three different configurations to meet specific customer requirements:

Classroom solution
Designed to be easily integrated into existing training centres, as display, seat and controls are mounted on a base plate and a solid display frame. The display system provides upper, front, lower and side cabin views. CPUs and instructor station are installed in a compact black box.

Cab-enclosed solution
Installed in an original Liebherr cabin, this space-saving solution ensures that the operator becomes familiar with controlling the machine in a real-life environment. It includes an external black box equally equipped with the multifunctional instructor station.

Containerised solution
Housed in a fully furnished 40ft container, this easy-to-transport simulator solution features an integrated training room, a utility room and an associated instructor station. The container is fitted with a heating and air-conditioning unit as well as appropriate lighting.

More details about LiSIM® – Liebherr Simulator for Crawler Cranes and Foundation Equipment

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