Tallest crawler crane in the world assembled at the Liebherr Plant in Ehingen


The LR 13000 is not only the most powerful conventional crawler crane in the world, it is also the highest. In July it was erected in its maximum lattice boom configuration at the manufacturing plant in Ehingen, Germany. The combination of the 120 m main mast and the 126 m luffing jib produces a lattice boom system with an overall length of 246 m. Mounted on the solid crawler chassis, the crane thus reaches a height of 248 m.

This means that the Liebherr crawler crane is 86 m higher than Ulm Minster, which has the highest church spire in the world at 162 m. The LR 13000 could lift a load of 624 t on to Ulm Minster in a single hoist – the equivalent of around 600 small cars.

In Ehingen the LR 13000 was fitted with 400 t of slewing platform ballast and 1500 t of derrick ballast on a special foundation. The first load to be hoisted into the air by the 700 t boom systems was an LTM 1030-2.1.

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