TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting from Konecranes


The future of overhead crane maintenance is here today – remote service products from Konecranes are now available in the US and Canada.

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting helps paper industry customers improve the safe use of their equipment, provide the right maintenance at the right time and assess the lifecycle of crane components.

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting service from Konecranes provides the customer with a clear view of their crane’s usage through continuous data collection. For the customer this means improved safety and higher efficiency as crane maintenance can be planned according to the crane’s actual usage. Usage data is collected from the crane through a remote connection and compiled into web views and customer reports that are available through a secure online customer portal. The portal offers easy access to the history data of the crane with important crane specific key figures collected in real time.

This tool is particularly advantageous when used on cranes that are difficult to access and inspect, such as the wood yard crane. TRUCONNECT allows technicians to ensure that this critical component of the production process remains working smoothly, while removing the difficulties involved with manual monitoring and inspection.

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting from Konecranes offers three distinct benefits for the customer. First, overloads, emergency stops and other safety issues are captured and clearly brought to the customer’s attention for possible corrective actions such as operator training to improve the safety and productivity of the worksite. Second, it helps to optimize the right maintenance at the right time based on real crane usage. Third, the customer is able to see how the hoist is actually used and the estimated remaining service life of certain components, allowing the customer to plan and budget crane maintenance actions with greater confidence. As an additional value added service, Safety Alerts relating to hoist overloads and other safety concerns can be delivered to the customer by email or text message shortly after each occurrence.

TRUCONNECT® Remote Services from Konecranes represent the latest innovations in Konecranes service business. The full TRUCONNECT® offering will in the future include a variety of distinct remote services ranging from periodic data reporting to real-time diagnostics, technical support and production monitoring. Currently TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring and Reporting from Konecranes is available for CXT and SMARTON lines of industrial cranes and TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring and Reporting with Safety Alerts is available for CXT cranes.

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