Where Crane People will be and what they will do this Christmas and New 2014 Year?


3 Christmas Questions and that is what we had like the answers:

Dayne Davis, Founder/Director Van Doorn Tower Crane Consultants Ltd. – UK

Cranesy: Where will you spend Festivities?
Dayne: This year my wife and I will be spending the festive season with friends and family in the German Alps where we will be drinking wine and bringing in the new year.

C.: Your Christmas gift tips?
D.: Don’t leave your shopping till the last minute.
Although having said that I still have not gotten my wife a present yet,
I never seem to learn and every year it is a race to the finish line to get the right presents for everyone.

C.: Wishes for New 2014 Year?
D.: Of course I wish all my family and friends a very successful 2014,
and from a professional stand point I hope to see recovery to the construction sector in Europe
as this will help millions of families to be able to provide for their basic needs over the next year.

Tiko Koroi, Rigging and Safety Supervisor – Australia

Cranesy: Where will you spend Festivities?
Tiko: On the 20 Dec. the company I work for will be in the process of moving my furniture
to Western Australia where me and my daughters will spend the next 3 years.
It will take about 2 weeks or more for our things to get there. So this Christmas and new year celebration,
we will not have the comforts of our own home so me and my daughters will have to travel about 500 klms
to my brothers place and spend the Festive season with him and his family.

C.: Your Christmas gift tips?
T.: My Christmas gift ideas is just having my family around me and we can have a late lunch together
on the day maybe near the beach or just at home. The way i see Christmas nowdays,
I see big businesses making alot of money from everyone, the concept of Christmas is not there any more,
its now big business. I would rather spend alot of money on my daughters birthdays.
I get better satisfaction seeing them enjoy their birthday presents.
We still celebrate Christmas together and we still have fun together without buying un necessary things.

C.: Wishes for New 2014 Year?
T.: My wishes for next year is to keep healthy, keep my daughters healthy,
my work has this work motto HOME WITHOUT HARM EVERYONE EVERYDAY.
This is something I take very seriously when I am at work, not only for me and my family,
but for all my work mates and their families. If I can do my work properly on the next project and send everyone home to their families without harm everyday, then thats my wish granted.

Janette VanMeter, Owner at Nations Crane Sales – Tulsa, US.

Cranesy: Where will you spend Festivities?
Janette: At home with friends and family.

C.: Your Christmas gift tips?
J.: Keep it simple and practical. It will be used and appreciated all year.

C.: Wishes for New 2014 Year?
J.: We need to spend more time and attention to our physical health and spiritual growth.

Anneke Vogelsang, CJH Cranes – South Africa

Cranesy: Where will you spend Festivities?
Anneke: First week with family-in-law in Western Cape and last two weeks with my family in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

C.: Your Christmas gift tips?
A.: Always give something personal.

C.: Wishes for New 2014 Year?
A.: We hope to do even better in the market in 2014 as it will be our 5th year in business,
by selling and renting more cranes, therefore growing our company. In our trade, service delivery plays a huge role thus pledging to deliver an outstanding service!

Emma O’Dwyen, VP Market Development from The Matcom Group – Canada.

Cranesy: Where will you spend Festivities?
Emma: With this being our busiest time at work I spend the holidays at home.

C.: Your Christmas gift tips?
E.: Don’t stress about it — if you treat people with kindness all year around this time of year does not have to be different. I always think that flowers and table arrangements are sometimes the best things to give as we all tend to have everything we “need” right away in society and therefore there is not a lot of gifts besides “things” that people can give.

C.: Wishes for New 2014 Year?
E.: Safety and prosper for our industry and the world around us.

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