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Tuscor Lloyds has just completed delivery of a heavy Biomass boiler to Plymouth. Readers will remember the previous instalment to this story, entitled From Plains to Shining Sea. Having negotiated a long and eventful journey by truck across the USA, We pick up the story once again and follow the shipment from Antwerp. Let’s re-join the boiler’s epic route as it finally arrives in Antwerp on a specialist, heavy lift, conventional vessel.

The ship was ideal for the job because the heavy geared vessel was easily ‘man’ enough to handle this weighty and bulky cargo. The slightly longer transit time suited the customer as the electricity generating station being built in Plymouth was not ready to receive the unit any earlier. This allowed Tuscor Lloyds to keep costs to a minimum whilst working within a tight budget with no room for manoeuvre.

The company arranged for a specialist trailer to meet the vessel upon arrival. This was at the weekend and all paperwork was needed to ensure a speedy transit. The building site in Plymouth had already been using hired cranes for the past few days, and it would be perfect to utilise these for the unloading operation.

So to ensure the satisfaction of the end user, the project cargo team in Tuscor Lloyds’ Manchester office used all possible methods to ensure the boiler arrived quickly. The company applied previous knowledge and experience of complicated multimodal shipping to do this, coordinating a direct discharge from the vessel straight onto the truck. Despite the weekend working, all paperwork and permits were arranged so that the boiler could get straight on the road to Zeebrugge for the ferry.

The truck made excellent progress and despite speed and driving hours’ restrictions, the unit made it to the ferry and crossed the channel overnight. Once in the UK, the unit was once again subject to severe road restrictions but the truck negotiated all this and managed to arrive on site in time for the cranes, avoiding extra costs to the customer and delivering the job well above expectations.

The boiler will form the centre piece of the green power plant which will utilise organic, recycled biomass material as fuel. Wind power turbines will supply the final provision for 4 thousand local homes, whose occupants will sleep a little easier at night knowing that their light and heat was not paid for by the environment. We think our projects team will also sleep better having worked tirelessly through weekends and nights to look after this important and complicated shipment.

Many thanks to Nick McBurney for this article.

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