Deep South Crane & Rigging of Baton Rouge takes delivery of a Terex AC 1000


Deep South Crane & Rigging of Baton Rouge, La., recently took delivery of the powerful and versatile Terex AC 1000 all terrain crane, making Deep South the first lifting company in the United States to offer its customers the crane’s unique combination of capacity and mobility. The world’s most powerful all terrain crane that meets 12 t axle load limits with its 164-ft (50-m) main boom installed, the 1,320-ton (1,200-tonne) capacity class crane offers a maximum system length of 535.8 ft (163.3 m).

“The AC 1000 all terrain crane offers companies a unique combination of power, reach and mobility that no other competitive crane model can,” says Jim Strobush, regional sales manager for Terex Cranes. “This nine-axle crane can be used in certain applications instead of a lattice boom crawler crane and offers the distinct advantages of much faster mobilization and quicker rigging. It will definitely give Deep South a competitive edge in its market.”

Deep South equipped its new AC 1000 crane with 328.1 ft (100 m) of main telescoping boom and purchased enough boom and jib segments for maximum system length. The crane’s luffing jib provides a flexible lifting solution on jobs where space is limited, such as refinery applications, where a conventional crane would require assembly over existing parts of the refinery. It offers an array of configurations, including the Sideways Superlift (SSL) system to boost lifting capacities, and features a load moment rating of 2,900 tonne-meters. Deep South sees the extremely powerful and versatile AC 1000 all terrain crane offering a competitive edge in multiple industry sectors, including refining, chemical plant and wind turbine erection.

“The Terex AC 1000 was built to meet industry demand for a high capacity crane capable of working in areas with limited space,” says Jeremy Landry, project manager at Deep South Crane & Rigging. “Its ability to handle significant weight at an extreme tip height will give us versatility in planning jobs, since we will be able to mobilize this crane in place of other cranes in our fleet. We are proud to add this equipment to our fleet as a state-of-the-art solution to meet our customers’ needs.”

About the Terex AC 1000 All Terrain Crane

The nine-axle Terex AC 1000 is the world’s most powerful all terrain crane that can travel on public roads with its 164-ft (50-m) main boom installed and still achieve axle weights of less than 13 tons (12 tonnes). Measuring only 66.6 ft (20.31 m) in length, the AC 1000 crane is remarkably compact and maneuverable for a 1,320 ton (1,200 tonne) capacity class crane.

The machine can travel with its 164-ft-long (50-m) main boom on roads to nearly any location in the world and has the fastest setup time of any crane in its category, thanks to its luffing jib erecting system. Offering a maximum system length of 535.8 ft (163.3 m), the wide selection of extensions and attachments for the unit have been designed for transportation on standard trailers, eliminating the time and expense associated with obtaining permits and the need for special-purpose vehicles.

The Terex AC 1000 all terrain crane can be equipped with either a 164- or 328.1-ft (50- or 100-m) main boom, which features an open nose sheave that facilitates quick attachment of additional boom segments. This delivers short rigging times to reach a 328.1-ft (100-m) lifting height. In addition, the optional Sideways Superlift (SSL) system increases the machine’s lifting capacity for a variety of applications.

The ergonomically designed crane cab, which offers a 20° backward tilt, is equipped with an integrated IC-1 touchscreen control system. This system allows operators to have quick access to important information such as wind speed, wind direction, hook load, rated lifting capacity, reach, boom length, and calculated and actual outrigger loads by simply touching the screen.

The Terex AC 1000 all terrain crane reaches travelling speeds of up to 53 mph (80 km/h). A variable-ratio steering system with active, speed-sensitive, electronically controlled rear axle power steering provides excellent maneuverability and cornering stability.

About Deep South Crane & Rigging

Deep South Crane & Rigging is a leading provider of heavy lift and transport solutions in the refining, chemical, and energy sectors. Deep South strives to be at the forefront of innovation by providing its customers the best tools to complete the task at hand. The company offers a complete range of services, from bare crane rental to turn-key heavy lift and transport solutions, to clients in North and South America.

For more information on Deep South Crane & Rigging, visit

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