Interview with Svetlana Povarova CEO at Ganzastroy, Russia


Meet Svetlana Povarova , Russian Female Crane CEO at Ganzastroy.
“Russian women loves CRANES”.

CranesY: There are so many suitable professions for women and you’ve choosen a job in a sector that till today is called male dominated sector. Why did you choose crane sector for your career?

Svetlana Povarova: I’m happy to be involved in crane sector in order to continue a crane dynasty of my family. It was natural to me to follow mother footsteps, she is been working in crane industry since 1983. Her career begins at company named Rostekhnadzor (Ростехнадзор), where her work consisted in checking lifting equipment. In 2000 she founded her own company SevZapKran (СевЗапКран СПб) and lately in 2006 I started working with her like a sales manager. Today I manage my own company “OOO Ganzastroy” (ООО «ГанзаСтрой»), and to be honest I can not see myself doing another job. I’m really in love with my work. And one of the most important things for me is that I know what I do and what I sell.

C.: Your studies?
S.P.: I graduated at University of Management and Economy, faculty Management of Organization.

C.: According to your opinion, what is the secret of succesful business?

S.P.: You have to set your goal. BELIEVE in yourself and in your business. Be OPTIMISTIC in any situation.

C.: Style to wear at work?

S.P.: Of course Business-Style to have a professional look. A business woman has to look perfectly.

C.: Aside a work, how do you spend your spare time?
S.P.: I love travelling, I like spending time with my friends and family.

C.: Your business rules?
S.P.: I list my rules and tips:
Business-planning, competitive advantagement, effective personal management, innovative manage improvement, calculated risks.

C.: What’s your typical workday like?
S.P.: My workday starts when I turn on my mobile. I daily spend 8 hours in the office or in work travels.

C.: Your favorite author/ philosopher?
S.P.: E. Hemingway “The old man and the sea” and Dmitry Chernyshevsky “How persons think”.

C.: Finish this sentence: A CEO needs to possess a range of qualities…

S.P.: CEO needs to be honest, smart, responsible,
communicative, brave, be able to be a leader and example for his team, to be predisposed to attract people’s sympathies.

C.: What recommendation can you give to other women of crane sector?
S.P.: Be Patient …you have to be persistent when you win and strong-willed when you lose.

C.: Male and female enterpreneurs…do you find any difference?

S.P.: I find difficult to answer this question, since my mother was my mentor and my boss. Now I run my own company and I can tell you one thing: no matter male or female enterpreneur, but managing a company is more difficult than be an employee in the company.

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