Interview with Tânia Pontes – Dep. Broker Machinery – Carsil 5 GI S.L.


In the Construction Sector the Women need to be Powerful and feels like ONE. It’s fundamental to have attitude, firmness and, most importantly, show they are talking with a person, in this case a Woman, that is expert in the subject.
Cranesy: The best way to achieve a work-life balance?
Tânia Pontes: Firstly, some people have success without hard work, so the key of success passes through a good management of the time, systematic vision, attention to detail, good capacity to make specific tasks and ability to conclusion them. Hard work, effort, dedication are the central points to have a good performance and up in career.
If you are good professional, you have time to be happy in personal way too, have time for you, for your family and friends.

C.: According your opinion, why Construction Sector is stille male dominated sector with few female CEO?
T.P.: The idea that women it was rare in CEO’s position in Construction Sector comes from the culture that we had in the past…until some decades ago, the women took care of the children and home, and never done hard work with any kind of machine.
Today, the “equality rights” have changed it, and this tradition is in decline, women have the same jobs than men, most of them.

C.: Was it difficult start to work in the sector commonly called “Male Industry”?
T.P.: I’m new in this sector and I got here due to the attractive professional opportunity that come up and raise my interest for the sector commonly associate to men’s, and it’s reveling as a surprising big challenge. For me, it wasn’t difficult get in this activity, I was well received, but the difficulty is to become credible, once that, Women need to demonstrate that’s expert in the area, more than a man, otherwise, the label “not know anything about the subject” still remains.

C.: Spanish market today. Do international companies continue invest money in Constuction Business?
T.P.: After a long period of growth, the crisis appears. The market is lethargic, but awakening…
The recovery will be sedimented, go along with the rhythm of economic growth, i.e. with a positive coefficient relative to the economy. Necessarily, the recovery will be very slow.
In current days, the companies continue to invest, but with speculative perspective, taking advantage of low prices. Today, the activity in vogue is the “vulture funds”, which greatly increase your investment.

C.: Give some tips to buyers who consider to buy construction equipment from Spain:
T.P.: We are walking away from the crisis, with the financial problems starting to decrease. That’s why there is a stock of machines that’s systematically, draining away. You can buy used equipment at very low price but needs to be in a short time, because there is a strong countdown of the available stock, in the current economy.
Advice/Tip: Search near Traders or Brokers Machinery, such as CARSIL 5, to taking advantage of their contacts and the ease of access to a larger listing of machines to sale.

C.: How do you understand your customers needs?
T.P.: In this sector is interest to be direct, precise and uncomplicated, accessible and intelligent in time to negotiate. This attitude captures the attention and interest of the customer to take the deal to the end and make a good business.

C.: What recommendation do you have to other women in this sector?
T.P.: In the Construction Sector the Women need to be Powerful and feels like ONE. It’s fundamental to have attitude, firmness and, most importantly, show they are talking with a person (in this case, a Woman) that is expert in the subject.

C.: Upcoming projects for 2014?
T.P.: My projects for 2014
Personal: develop the knowledge of machinery sector and enlargement the competences.
Work: expansion and internationalization of company CARSIL 5 in the sector of International Trading of Machinery.

C.: If you have to form a TEAM in the office, what kind of personal qualities of members you will look for?
T.P.: If I have to form a team, the members should be:
Ambitious, Self motivate, Dedicated, Actives, Engaged, with love/passion for ongoing challenges, and mostly important, strong aptitude for the practice of trade/online commerce.

C.: Your rules to work efficiently, productivity and serenely in the office?
T.P.: Usually the efficiency comes from to persistence, respect, attitude, confidence, conviction and optimism. We get productivity when we ally the efficiency with ambition, the power of decision and competence.
The serenity will make, the previous two topics be more harmonious between them. For this, it will be needed: self-control, domain of the function, leadership and management of time.

C.: Most requested model/machine by your customers?
T.P.: CARSIL 5 always works with JLG brand and never had problems, the experience has shown that is an excellent brand with high quality in their products.

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