Enerpac Jack-Up Cuts time for Port Crane Heightening


Jack-Up technology from heavy lifting systems specialist, Enerpac, has been used to successfully cut the time needed for port container crane heightening at Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding (MES) in Japan. The stability of the Enerpac JS500 Jack-Up system enabled the heightening of a Portainer crane by 6m in just three days. Reducing the time for the heightening project to two weeks, compared with two months using conventional structural bracing methods.

As ports grapple with the operational and logistical challenges of accommodating a new generation of super container vessels, their ability to upgrade existing crane facilities is critical. MES wished to increase the height of 1,650 ton, Portainer cranes by 6m to handle larger ships. Working with Binan Development Ltd, MES’s transport and engineering services supplier, Enerpac’s JS500 Jack-Up lifted the crane 6.5m in 2.5 hours allowing the leg extensions to be added.

Keeping the crane as low as possible was critical to the heightening project. The combination of strengthening the crane base with temporary beams and lifting points at each corner, together with the small footprint and stability of the JS500 Jack-Up kept the lift low.

JS500 Jack-Up – Exceptional Stability

Laser measurements of the crane were taken continuously to monitor stability during the lift.  

Deflection from the top to bottom of each full leg was 0mm deflection in three legs and maximum 3mm deflection in one leg, with minimal side load effect.  It remained like this for the entire lift and lowering – a clear demonstration of the Jack-Up’s outstanding stability.

The stability of the JS500 meant that only two temporary beams were needed rather than the elaborate structural bracing of the crane typical of heightening projects to prevent excessive side loads.

“The speed with which the heightening of the MES Portainer Cranes was completed is a clear demonstration of the way in which the Enerpac JS500 Jack-Up system has a significant role to play in enabling the safe, efficient and cost-effective upgrading of port cranes to meet the demands of super container vessels,” says Jeroen Naalden, director, Enerpac Integrated Solutions.

For more information on Enerpac visit www.enerpac.com.

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