Interview with Laia Viver, Sales Manager from Elebia


First of all tell me about you: Your Background, your story, how did you join the company? (here you can speak about your start, studies, your company)
I work in ELebia as international sales manager. My goal is to present the company and its products and increase our customers.
I studied Public Relation, Marketing and International trade, but almost all my professional experience has been in sales. I landed in ELEBIA by chance from the hand of a digital communication agency Xtrategics. Through Elebia I have known the wonderful world of cranes and hooks, and I am knowing sectors such as ports, heavy industry, logistics and mining.

What kind of specialized courses / studies / knowledge is needed for working in the crane sector?
As in all jobs, in this sector also need specific technical training, know the product, know the scene and his “special language”. If you know what you have, you will feel more comfortable and you’ll work best and that is reflected in the results. Without good training is impossible to have high levels of productivity and safety, without empathy can not coordinate or motivate your team.

Vantage points of female entrepreneurs? What do you think about team work?
From day one, I felt comfortable and integrated in this world that we consider men, but more and more often, women are working in the sector and it is not so strange seeing women in ports, heavy industry … The industry technological leap , has value to other skills, where women have much to say.

To manage the business what does count more – university graduation or the character?
Both training and character are important ; training gives you the basics to work (training never stops), whereas the character is something that can be forged, years and experience make you stronger and more determined.

In your opinion, make a list of business-mistakes of entrepreneurs of today.
– Not having a pre-market research
– Overconfidence and not being able to trust others. If you have a team, you have to be able to delegate and trust. A good team work can be the key to success.
– Know the environment in which you introduce: competitors, prices, economic situation …
-A good idea or a good product does not mean success.

3 tips for young people who wish to start the business in crane sector
Advanced equipment and latest technology, a good team work and be patient

Women are good at multitasking, how do you reconcile work and family?
Family conciliation is not easy. In my case, I can often work from home and adapt working hours to the family needs but this is not common in other works.

How much time do you spend in your office?
My schedule is very flexible and as I said I work from home always I need to. The most important is to do your job and do it well.

What motivates you? Any favourite motto?
I like learning and I like new challenges. But I really like from this work is to know so many different people around the world. Maybe for my humanist vocation, I am a very social person who enjoys knowing people, knowing how they live and how they work … This job allows me.

Aside from work do you have any hobbies?
Since I have a family to take care of, my hoobies have changed: I used to play any kind of sport, but now I enjoy being with my daughter and my husband at home or anywhere quiet. I also like traveling (I do not travel so often as I would like to).

Short questions:
– classic or casual style to wear in the office? a mixture of both
– individual or team work? Team work, no doubt
– tea or coffee? coffe
– any favourite place? costa brava
– 70 th or 80th music? 80thmusic

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