Interview with Mrs. Jasmin Meyer, branch manager Frankfurt/Main and Hanover, BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH.


Well, actually I’d say, that my “crane-story” started with my birth in Peine, a village nearby Hanover: Peine is the home of “Peiner cranes”, a crane brand that was well known for decades. My stepfather is working in the crane business for 25 years – in former times at Peiner, today at BKL. Starting with a traineeship at BKL (during my studies of business economics) I worked as sales representative in Munich then, afterwards as assistant branch manager of BKL Frankfurt, now as branch manager BKL Frankfurt and BKL Hanover.

Cranesy: Needed requirements to work in crane sector?
The requirements depend on the department: people who work in customer service need know-how of
processes, statics, legal conditions, etc. Commercial staff should have a good knowledge of economics.
From my experience – (I studied business economics and I have been through all departments of BKL in the
course of my traineeship) – I am sure that expert knowledge is mandatory for executive positions in the
economic field to meet individual customer needs and present it to the customer as well and not least make
informed strategic choices.

Cranesy: Your idea about vantage points of female entrepreneurs?
J. Meyer: I’m not an entrepreneur, but from my point of view there are no special vantages for female entrepreneurs towards male entrepreneurs. What matters for a good company management is the economic

Cranesy: According to your opinion what does count more to manage the business: university graduation or the character?
J. Meyer: Definitely character. Any university graduation is useful to build character, but in our small industry human relations are very important. A fair dealing with people is a basic requirement for me.

Cranesy: What is most important to a company’s success – a good product or friendly and fast service?
J. Meyer: Both are important. A good product lays the foundation of a well-functioning organization. In combination with a good service, a company can build a strategic advantage.

Cranesy: Classical question of our column – women are good at multitasking, how do you reconcile work and family?
J. Meyer: At the moment it is no problem to reconcile both. My husband is self-employed and spends much time with working, too. As we both work a lot, it’s not the time to think about children now. But I have grown up in an entrepreneurial family; therefore I’m sure that work and family can be reconciled.

Cranesy: How much time do you spend usually in your office?
J. Meyer: Of course I’m spending more time in the office than from nine to five. But I take delight in doing my job and I do not perceive it as stress.

Cranesy: What motivates you?
J. Meyer: My motivation is the challenge and of course to contribute to the success of our growing company, especially in the establishment of the branches.

Cranesy: What are your goals for the next years?
J. Meyer: My goals for the next years are to assure the market position of BKL Frankfurt, expand its mobile crane sector in and broaden the range of services in Hanover (which is the youngest BKL branch).

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